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The Life Preserving Gift Of Administration

When the whole land of Egypt suffered famine, 

The people cried out to Pharaoh for food, and 

Pharaoh said to all of Egypt, 

“Go to Joseph. Do whatever he tells you.”

Genesis (In The Beginning) Chapter 41 Verse 55

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Resources For Further Study

Joseph The Administrator

How Administrators Maintain The Church

"Feeding The 5,000 Is No Picnic"

Nigel Ring

'Making The Best Use Of Time"
Nigel Ring

The Reds (Directors) And Whites (Maintainers)

Understanding The Command Reds

Dr. Taylor Hartman

Understanding The Peace Making Whites

Dr. Taylor Hartman

The Kings And The Priests

Understanding The Kings (Command Men)

Debbi Pearl

Understanding The Priests (Steady Men)

Debbi Pearl

When Administrators Become Unsung Heroes

"The Zoo Keeper's Wife" Trailer 

"Schindler's List" Trailer

Songs For Encouragement

'The Only Name That Matters To Me"

Big Daddy Weave

'Only Jesus"

Casting Crowns

Written Resources

"The Dynamics 

Of Church Finance"

James D. Berkley

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"The People Code:
It's All About Your 

Innate Motive"

Taylor Hartman

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"Facing Messy Stuff 

In The Church:

Case Studies For Pastors 

And Congregations

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"Know Your Ministry:
Spiritual Gifts For 

Every Believer"

Marilyn Hickey, 

Sarah Bowling

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For Leaders"

Dr. Henry Cloud

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"Created To 

Be His Helpmeet"

Debbi Pearl

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"Torah Govt." 

Norman Willis

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Josh Tolley

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"Letters To The Church"

Francis Chan

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