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Psalm 16's 

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Psalm 16 Ministry

More Of The African Story

Now when the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon Because of the Name of Adonai, she came to test Him with hard Questions. So she came to Jerusalem with a 

Very great retinue, With camels carrying spices and gold in 

Great abundance, and Precious stones. 

When she came to Solomon, she spoke with him 

Of all that was on her heart. 

Solomon answered all her questions 

Nothing was hidden from 

The king that he did not explain to her. So when the queen of Sheba saw all the wisdom of Solomon, the Palace that he had Built,  the food at his table, the seating of his Courtiers, the Attendance of his servants and their attire, his 

Cupbearers, and his burnt offering which he

Offered in the House of Adonai, she was left breathless.

1st Book Of The Kings Chapter 10 Verse 1

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Pro-Nomian Movement

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The 'Shalom To Your Heart" Project

Welcome to the "Shalom To Your Heart Project!

This virtual library is a collection of resources gathered by Brian "Asriel" Newman of Psalm 16 Ministry.

This virtual library is a way to point the learner to source materials for concepts, ideas and information about spiritual questions, personal growth and mental health topics that Brian has shared through the years. It is also a way to give credit to the original author of the concepts you may hear or the original musician is referencing songs. 

If you find the videos or articles helpful then consider ordering a book by the presenter or subscribing to their channel. All of which are linked at the page bottoms.

Check out Brian's weekly TV Show at "Let's Talk Shalom!"


Psalm 16 Ministry

Brian Newman

PO Box 671 Ooltewah, TN 37363

[email protected] 


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Did God Teach George Washington Carver 

About The Peanut To Prevent Starvation In Africa?

Read Article Here

Black Business And Science Achievements

'Black Wall Street" 


"George Washington Carver: 

An Uncommon Life" Documentary

Tracing Your Unknown Roots

Don Cheadle Finds Out 

Native Americans Owned His Ancestors

Black In Latin America

Documentary (PBS Series)

Black Jews In Africa

Nigeria's Jewish Community

Black Jews Of Zimbabwe/South Africa

Rescuing The Ethiopian Jews

"Why Is Israel Banning Ethiopian 

Jews From Immigrating? DW

"Saving The Forgotten Jews"

BBC News

Kings And After Life

Egypt: Chaos And Kings

Egyptian After Life Theories

The Pharoahs And The Americas?

The Mystery Of The Cocaine Mummies

Pre-Columbian Egypt-Amazon Trade

"Why Africa Is Struggling" Rise On Fire 

The Story Of Blood Diamonds

"The True Story Of Blood Diamonds"

"Blood Diamonds" Trailer

The Story Of The Amistad

The Amistad Case

"Amistad" Trailer 

African Christian University

Located In Zambia

(Dean Voddie Baucham)

Learn More

Alternative Perspectives On News And History

"Equipped" Chris Brooks

A Christian Worldview On Race Relations

"Why I'm Moving (Back) To Africa" 

(Seminary, Publishing House, Counseling)

Mega Pastor Voddie Baucham

The Dangers Of Race Based Theology

Ethnic Gnosticism

Dr. Voddie Baucham

Cultural Marxism

Dr. Voddie Baucham

Addressing Hebrew Israelite Theology

The Hebrew Israelite Theory


'Black Hebrew Israelites Refuted"

119 Ministries Documentary

People Of The Book In Africa And Arabia: 

Egyptian Michael Yousef

Help Africa

Blood Water Mission

Jewish Voice Ethiopia Outreach

Hope's Child Uganda

Hopes Child Uganda 

(Led By An American Hebrew)

Discover The Mission

"No Longer A Slave To Fear" Zac Williams 

Written Resources 

"The Soul Of Judaism:

 Jews Of African 

Descent In America"

Bruce D. Haynes

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"From Babylon 

To Timbuktu"

Rudolph Windsor

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"Sufferings In Africa"

James Riley

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