For Seekers of Spirit and Truth.
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Spiritual Ambassadors And Entrepreneurs

Through Him we have received grace and the 

Office of Emissary, to bring about 

Obedience of faith among 

All the nations on behalf of His name.

Letter To The Romans Chapter 1 Verse 5

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Brian Newman

Calling Coach

Dream Interpreter

Ministry Support Specialist

(Dream Helper Network Founder)

More About Brian


City To City

Training And Networking For Church Planters

(Founded By Tim Keller)

Learn More

A.R.C. Network Of Church Plants

Learn More

9 Church Planting Organizations

Learn More

Nazarene Israel Network

Learn More

Where Do You Fit In Service The Kingdom?

"Where Do You Fit?"
Daniel Kolenda

'The Genius Of The 5 Fold Ministry"

Daniel Kolenda

5 Fold Live Interview (Apostolic Gifting)

Apostles Working For The Creator Are Church Planters/Organization Starters

The Origin Of The Mega-Church 

(The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill) Podcast-Christianity Today

The Good And The Bad Of Church Planting

Church Planting 

With Tim Keller

Christianity Today

Church Planting

The Story Of David Nicolaus

Christianity Today

When Apostles Don't Work For The Kingdom

An Apostle Working For Themselves 

Is An Entrepreneur

An Apostle Working For The Enemy 

Is A Mobster 

The Apostolic Calling (Organization Builders)

Billy Graham

"Billy Graham Evangelistic Association"

Franklin Graham 

"Samaritan's Purse Disaster Relief"

Christian Apostolic Figures

John McArthur

"Grace To You" And "The Master's College"

David Wilkerson

"Time's Square Church" And
Teen Challenge" Founder

St. Patrick (Apostle Of Ireland)

Hebrew And Messianic Apostolic Figures

Arthur Bailey

"House Of Israel"

Tony Boyatt

"Exodus Road Band"

Hebrew And Messianic Apostolic Figures

Michael Rood "A Rood Awakening"

Jonathan Bernis "Jewish Voice"

The Business Man And The Apostolic Gifting

Songs For The Journey

By Casting Crowns

"Until The Whole World Hears"

By Casting Crowns

Written Resources

"Playing God:
Redeeming The Gift Of Power"
Andy Couch

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"Torah Govt." 

Norman Willis

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 Josh Tolley

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"Letters To The Church"

Francis Chan

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"Know Your Ministry:
Spiritual Gifts For 

Every Believer"

Marilyn Hickey, 

Sarah Bowling

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For Leaders"

Dr. Henry Cloud

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"Reigniting Spirit And Truth:

The Call Of The Bridegroom"

PD Van Der Westhuizen

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"The Dynamics 

Of Church Finance"

James D. Berkley

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"The People Code:
It's All About Your 

Innate Motive"

Taylor Hartman

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"Facing Messy Stuff 

In The Church:

Case Studies For Pastors

 And Congregations"

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