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The Buried Truth

Joseph’s bones, which Bnei-Yisrael had brought up from Egypt, They buried in Shechem, i

n the parcel of ground that 

Jacob had Bought from the sons of Hamor 

The father of Shechem for 

100 pieces of silver. It became the inheritance of the

Children of Joseph.

The Book of Joshua Chapter 24 Verse 32 

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Kehillat Yeshua 


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About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

Ark Of The Covenant: Ethiopian Keepers Of The Lost Ark (TIMELINE)

Patterns Of Evidence: The Exodus Parts 1 And 2 

Part 1: The Journey

Part 2: The Evidence

Patterns Of Evidence: The Exodus 3 And 4

Part 3: Fairy Tale Or History?

Part 4: Questions And Answers

Digging For The Truth Series

Digging The Truth: Ahab

Associates For Biblical Research

Digging For Truth: King Hezekiah

Associates For Biblical Research

The Biblical Archaeology Association

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Baal Humiliated By YHWH At The Red Sea

(Gilbert House Fellowship)

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Origin Of The Titans

(Gilbert House Fellowship)

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Understanding The Ten Plagues On Egypt

"Lucifer In The World Before Adam" (Dr. Larry Ollison)

Korbanot (The Biblical Temple Sacrifices)

By Chabad.Org

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A Journalist Examines The Bible

The Case for Christ

With Lee Strobel

The Case for Miracles

With Lee Strobel

An Investigator Examines The Bible

More Than A Carpentar

With Josh McDowell

Probably of Prophecies Being Fulfilled

With Josh McDowell

History And The Bible

Bible: Fact, Fiction or False?

With Josh McDowell

Is the Bible Historically Reliable?

With Sean McDowell

History Time Line: The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Part 1 

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Part 2 

Exodus And Giants 

Exodus Decoded And The Real Mt. Sinai

Syndicado: The Giants Of Genesis

King Solomon

Was King Solomon Real? 

The Naked Archaeologist 

King Solomon's Legacy

The Naked Archaeologist

Solomon's Temple

Music in Solomon's Temple and Science

Temple Expert Joseph Good

Another Temple Location?

Archaeology And The Bible:

Golden Calf And Sodom And Gomorrah 

The Golden Calf?

Sodom and Gomorrah

Noah's Ark And Chariot Wheels In The Red Sea?

Was Noah's Ark Found?

Chariot Wheels in the Red Sea?

Archaeology And The Bible:  

Ark of the Covenant Found?

The Real City of David?

Ancient Israelites In North America?

The Bat Creek Stone: 

Found in Tennessee-Written in Hebrew

The Los Lunes Stone: Ten Commandments

Found On Rock in New Mexico

Ancient Bible Relics And People In America?

"Lost Relics Of The Bible-

In Ancient America"

Geologist Scott Wolter

Ancient Voyagers In America

Geologist Scott Wolter

"Drive Thru History" With Dave Stotts 

What Ship did Paul take to Rome?

Museum of the Bible Preview

The Satellite Bible Atlas 

Introduction To Israel 

Basic Regional Differences

Bible Archaeology

"Top Ten Biblical Discoveries of 2019"

"Israel In Egyptian Inscriptions"

The Naked Archaeologist

Who Were The Philistines?

The Search For King David's Harp

Archaeology Of Paganism In The Church 

'Time is the Ally of Deceit" 

with Richard Rives

"Too Long in the Sun' 

with Richard Rives

"Time Is The Ally Of Deceit" Parts 1 and 2 

'Flee to the Mountains"

"Baal Comes To Rome"

"Time Is The Ally Of Deceit" Parts 3 and 4

'The Persian Sun-God Mithra"

'Constantine and the Nicean Council"

'Time Is The Ally Of Deceit" Part 5

'Remember The Sabbath Day"

'The Ashes of Gomorrah"

The Crucifixion Site 

Cross Hole And Crevice Discovered

The Cave Under The Cross 

The Wyatt Museum 

Ron Wyatt And The Two Arks

Wyatt Museum Artifacts

'The Wyatt Archaeological Museum"

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Astronomy And History In The Bible

Science Behind Joshua's Long Day

Astronomy and the Birth of Yeshua

Dinosaurs (Dragons) In History And The Bible 

Kent Hovind on Dinosaurs in the Bible

Ken Ham on Dinosaurs in the Bible

Steven M. Collins' Research Site 

Learn More

Ancient Cultures

The Sumerians 

The Eygptians

Songs For The Journey

'Starry Night" by Chris August

"Oh Glorious Day" Casting Crowns

Written Resources

"Digging For The Truth: 

One Man's Epic Adventure Exploring The 

World's Greatest Archaeological Mysteries"

Josh Bernstein

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"The Red Haired Archaeologist 

Digs Israel"

Amanda Hope Haley

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"The Temple: Its Ministry and Services as they were at the time of Jesus Christ"

Alfred Edersheim

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"Time Is The Ally 

Of Deceit"

by Richard Rives

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"Too Long In The Sun'

 by Richard Rives 

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"The Star That 


The World"

by Martin Ernst 

(Free Download)

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"The Bible Among The Myths: Unique Revelation Or Just Ancient Literature?

John N. Oswalt

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"The Collected Works Of Flavius Josephus"

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"The Ten Lost Tribes 

Of Israel...Found" 

By Steven M. Collins 

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"Ark Of The Covenant"
Jonathan Gray

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"Discovered: Noah's Ark"

Ron Wyatt

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"Hebrews In 

Ancient America"

James Trimm

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By George Rawlinson

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By George Rawlinson

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"History Of Babylon"

By George Rawlinson

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