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Not A Jot Or Tittle Will Pass Away?

 Amen, I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, 

Not the smallest letter or serif shall ever pass away 

From the Torah until all things come to pass.

The Gospel Of Matthew Chapter 5 Verse 17

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16 
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Kehillat Yeshua 


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About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

"The Making Of The Bible" (Tim Mackie)

The Bible Project (The Old And New Testaments)

The Tanakh 

The Renewed Covenant

How To Read The Bible (NT Literary Context: The Bible Project)

"His Only Son" Movie Trailer ‚Äč

History Of Bible Copying And Transcribing

Debate on the Reliability of the Gospels

"The History of the Bible" Nat-Geo 

Dr. Chuck Missler Examines The Canon And Manuscripts

Examining Biblical Validity Part 1

Examining The Biblical Validity Part 2

Bible: Fact, Fiction Or Fable?

Is The Bible Reliable And Accurate?

Josh McDowell

Bible: Fact, Fiction Or Fable?

Josh McDowell

The Church Fathers Are Not Context 

For The New Testament (Dr. Michael Heiser)

Unexpected Evidence

Is There Evidence For Jesus Outside Of The Bible? Veritas Forum

Unexpected Evidence That The 

Bible Is Historically Accurate: 

Capturing Christianity

The Two Testaments Comes Together

Prophecies That Jesus Fulfilled

Mike Winger

300 Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled

Josh McDowell

Rereading The Words Of Jesus And Paul

"The Jesus I Never Knew Series"

with Philip Yancey

Paul: The Nazarene Ring Leader?

with 119 Ministries

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 1: Has God Spoken?

Part 2: The Destruction Of Tyre

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 3: Daniel 7 And 8

Part 4: Defending Daniel 

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 5: The Most Prophetic Passages Of The Bible

Part 6: Jesus In Psalm 22

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 7: Isaiah 53

Part 8: Jesus In Genesis 22

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 9: Daniel 9 - The Prediction Of Jesus's Coming

Part 10: Prophecies That Jesus Fulfilled 

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 11: How We Got The OT Canon

Part 12: How We Got The New Testament

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 13: The REAL Story Of The New Testament

Part 14: The Truth About BANNED 

Books Of The Bible

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 15: What You NEED To Know About The 

"400,000 VARIANTS" in the Bible!

Part 16: How The Bible Was Changed

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 17: Can I Trust Bible Translations

Part 18: "Full Of Contradictions"

Evidence For The Bible (Mike Winger)

Part 19: 13 Bible Contradictions Refuted

Part 20: Biggest Contradictions In The Bible

Where To Be Trained In Apologetics 

Ravi Zacharias Ministries International

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Lee Strobel


Learn More

Josh McDowell 

Ministry Resources

Learn More

"Evidence For The Historical Jesus"

By Gary Habermas

Free Download

Free Download

Songs For Encouragement

God Who Moves Mountains

Integrity Music 

Word Of God Speak

Mercy Me

Written Resources

"The Bible Jesus Read"

By Phillip Yancey

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"Understanding The Difficult Words Of Jesus: 

New Insights From A Hebraic Perspective"

By Roy Blizzard

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'The Bible Among 

The Myths"

By John Oswalt

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"Shocked By The Bible"

By Joe Kovaks

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"The Case For Christianity

Answer Book"

By Lee Strobel 

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"More Than A Carpenter"
By Josh McDowell

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