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The Surprising Things Scripture Teaches About Money

“You will surely set aside a tenth of all the yield of your seed That comes from the field year by year.  You are to eat the Tithe Of your grain, your new wine, your oil, and the firstborn Of your Herd and flock, before Adonai your God in the place He chooses To make His Name dwell, so that you may learn to F Adonai Your God always. Now suppose the way is too long For you, for You cannot carry the tithe because the place Adonai your God Chooses to set His Name is too far from you. When Adonai your God blesses you, then you are to exchange The tithe for silver, Bind up the silver in your hand, and go to The place that 

Adonai your God chooses. 

You may spend the money for whatever your 

Soul desires—cattle, Sheep, wine, strong drink, or 

Whatever your soul asks of you. 

Then You will eat there before Adonai your 

God and rejoice—you and Your household. 

But you are not to neglect the Levite within your 

Gates, for he has no portion or inheritance with you. At the end Of every three years, you are to bring out all the tithe of your Produce in that year and store it within your gates.  Then the Levite, because he has no portion or inheritance with you, Along With the outsider, the orphan 

And the widow within your Gates, 

WIll come and eat and be satisfied, so that Adonai your 

God may bless you in all 

The work of your hand that you do.

Deuteronomy Chapter 14 Verse 22

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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The Tithe Controversy (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

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Business Ethics In The Bible (Rabbi Daniel Lapin)

"The Discipline Of Generosity" (Running To Win)


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Kehillat Yeshua 


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"Acorns" App.

Acorns Is An Investment App. That 

Rounds Debit Card Purchases Up

To The Nearest Dollar Then Places In Investments

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Dave Ramsey (Handling Debt)

Rabbi Daniel Lapin 

On The Dave Ramsey Show

"Proven Biblical Money Principles"

With Dave Ramsey

Josh Tolley Evangel-Preneur (Holy Business)

"Business and Prosperity 

According to Torah" Josh Tolley

"Entrepreneurship Vs Employment" 

Josh Tolley Interview Part 3

"More Lord Kingdom"
Christian Business Podcast

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Beyond Today (Making God Your Business Partner)

"Tithing: God's Key To Financial Success"

"Managing Your Finances"

Lawful Money Marketplace

 (Gold And Silver Bartering Group)

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin (Spiritual Business And Money Principles)

"Business Secrets from the Bible"

By Daniel Lapin

"Ten Commandments of Making Money"

By Daniel Lapin

Faith Based Financial Radio

"Money Wise" Podcast

"Crown Financial Ministry" Channel

The Three Tithes Today

Norman Willis Of Nazarene Israel

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The First-Fruits Debate

First-Fruits Offering As Worship

A Rood Awakening

First-Fruits Impossible Without A Temple?

Passion For Truth

The Tithe Debate

"Should Christians Tithe?
By David Wilber

'"What Does The Bible Say About Tithing?" 

By Lex Meyer

The Gospels On Wealth And Wisdom?

Wealth And Wisdom

Shabbat Night Live

The Biblical Entrepreneur

A Rood Awakening

Tithe-Offerings And Spiritual Invitation (African Perspectives)

Are All Blessings Financial?

Christelle Sternbaum (Spirit Lead Me)

Why Is Africa Struggling?

Pd Van Der Westhuizen (Rise On Fire)

Kingdom Congregation Structure

No Other Foundation: 

Yeshua's 5 Fold Ministry

Unity Through Acts 15

Nazarene Israel 

Lawful Money Rounds

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Overboard On Prosperity?

What's Wrong With The Prosperity Gospel?

Francis Chan

Joyce Meyer Admits Her Views 

On Prosperity Were Unbalanced

Fighting For The Faith

Beware Passover And Feast Day Scams (Fighting For The Faith)

Films For Consideration

"The Pursuit of Happiness" Trailer

"What If" Trailer

Written Resources 

"God, Greed And The Prosperity Gospel"

By Costni Hinn

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By Josh Tolley

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"Does The Law Of God

 Still Apply?"

By Jason Caissie

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"What Does The Bible Teach About Tithing?"

Beyond Today

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"Quit Your Job Or Die"
By Josh Tolley

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By Cloud And Townsend 

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"Business Secrets From 

The Bible" 

By Rabbi Daniel Lapin

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"The Dynamics Of

 Church Finance"

By James Berkley

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"7 Money Types: 

Discover How 

God Wired You 

To Handle Money"

By Tommy Brown

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"Church Administration And Finance Manual: 

Resources For Leading

 The Local Church"

By Crumroy, Kuwaki 

And Witman 

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"Your Financial Revolution:
The Power Of Rest"

By Gary Keese

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"Supernatural Provision: Living In 

Financial Freedom"

By Joan Hunter

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"The Power Of The

 Prophetic Blessing: 

An Astonishing Revelation For A New Generation"

By John Hagee

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