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How To Not Lean On Man

Thus says Adonai: “

Cursed is the one who trusts in man, 

And depends on flesh as his arm, 

And whose heart turns from Adonai.

The Prophet Jeremiah Chapter 17 Verse 5

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Dr. Sayra Greene

(Dream Helper Network)

Reach Out To Dr. Sayra

Relationship Coach

Annalisa O'Toole

(Dream Helper Network)

More About Annalisa

'The Best Things They Threw Away" 

Lyrics By Brian Newman, Music By Stephen Belin

Resources For Further Help

"Celebrate Recovery"

Find A Group

"Anthem Of Hope"

For Christians Suffering From Mental Illness

Reach Out For Support

"Grief Share Groups"

For Those 

Suffering Loss

Find A Group


For Family And Friends 

Of Alcoholics 

(Support Group)

Find A Chapter


Co-Dependents Anonymous

(Support Group)

Find A Chapter


National Association 

Of Mental Illness

 (Support Group)

Find A Chapter

In-Person Faith Based Support

Celebrate Recovery Groups

The Healing Rooms

'Soul Ties" John Eldredge

Relationship Attachment Styles

All Attachment Styles

And Their Trauma Responses

The Personal Developmental School

The Attachment Style Test

The Personal Development School

Overcoming Loneliness And Isolation (Sue Varma)

The Science Of Feeling Lonely (MedCircle)

If You're Feeling Lonely 


Anxiety And Dependent Personality Disorder

Anxiety Crash Course

With Dr. Ramani

Dependent Personality Disorder

With Dr. Ramani

'The Crappy Childhood Fairy"

 CPTSD And Clingy

How To Break The Spell Of Trauma Bonds

The Crappy Childhood Fairy (Boundaries)

Can People Tell That You 

Have Low Self-Esteem?

Why Lack Of Boundaries Isolates You

The Crappy Childhood Fairy (Limernece and Bread Crumbs)

The Curse Of Beign The Side-Chick

Childhood Attractions TO Half Love

Co-Dependence And Boundaries 

"The Spirit Of Rejection"

With John Paul Jackson

"Escaping The Abyss Of Co-Dependence"

With Cole Davis 

"Rejection" With John Paul Jackson On "Joni Table Talk"

The Mother Wound And Father Wound

"The Mother Wound"
Stasi Eldredge

"The Father Effect"

John Eldredge

The Father's Blessing

The Father's Blessing Prayer

Understanding The Father's Blessing

Understanding Co-Dependency For Men

Michael Hussey Interview 

On Lewish Howes

James Wilson Interview 

On Lewis Howes

Songs For Encouragment

"Even If Nobody Loves Me" Derek Webb

"I Will Rescue You" Lauren Daigle

Songs About Boundaries



The Bridge

Taylor Leonhardt

Songs For Encouragement

"Wasted' Carrie Underwood

"She Let Herself Go" George Strait

Songs For Encouragement And Understanding

'I'm Moving On' Rascal Flatts

"Life's For The Living" Passenger

Songs For Understanding (Secular)

"The Same Mistake" James Blunt

'Half Way" James Blunt

Songs For Encouragement And Understanding

"Piece By Piece' Kelly Clarkson

"Standing Still" Jewel Kilcher

​Written Resources


For Leaders"

By Cloud And Townsend

Order Resource

"Boundaries Updated And Expanded Edition: When to Say Yes, How To Say No To Take Control Of Your Life"

By Cloud And Townsend

Order Resource 

"Boundaries In Marriage"

By Cloud And Townsend

Order Resource 

The Ancient Practices"

By Dan Allender

Order Resource 

"Covenant Relationships'

By Norman Willis

Free Download

"Boundary Stones: 

Divine Parameters 

For Faith And Life"

By Aaron Eby

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"Adult Children 

Of Alcoholics" 

Janet Geringer Woititz

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"When Helping You 

Is Hurting Me"

Carmen Renee Berry

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"Leading With A Limp: 

Take Full Advantage Of Your Most Powerful Weakness"

Dan Allender

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"Codependent No More: 

From Being Needy & Clingy To Having Amazing, Authentic, And Loving Relationships"

Andrei Nedelcu

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"The Highly Sensitive 

Person In Love"

Elaine Aarons

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"Healing The Wounded Heart: The Heartache Of Sexual Abuse And The Hope

 Of Transformation"

Dan Allender

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