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Book of Jeremiah: A History Of Lying Prophets 

(Soothsayers In The Church)

For thus says Adonai, the God of Israel: 

“Do not let Your prophets who are among you or Your diviners Beguile you, 

And pay no attention to the 

Dreams which you make them keep dreaming.

Jeremiah The Prophet Chapter 29: Verse 8

"Psalm 16 Media"

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Discerning Between God's Voice And Your Thoughts (David Diga)

The Goal Of The Kundalinni Spirit (Rise On Fire)

"Hidden History Of The 

Charismatic Generals" Justin Peters Ministries

When To Leave Your Church? 

(Charismatic Perspective From Remnant Radio)

"The Danger Of Idolizing The Supernatural" Melissa Doughtery

Psychics Posing As Prophets In The Church?

Discerning Prophets With A Psychic Spirit

Jennifer LeClaire

Discerning Warlocks And Witches In The Church

Jennifer LeClaire

The 7 Curses Of Leviathan 

(Pride And Truth Twisting)

This is an excellent Study Course on the 7 Curses of Leviathan

 (the Prideful Twisting Serpent) that covers 

How they enter your life, 

How they effect your life,

 How to get them out of your life!

The Spirit of The Creator is has seven-facets that are countered by The seven curses Of Leviathan and

The seven-facets of living in the flesh (Pride).

In the Book of Job ONLY The Creator could defeat Leviathan,

 So we must call upon HIM. 

This PDF is available by donation to 

[email protected] 

Via Paypal.

"You crushed the heads of Leviathan, 

Giving him as food to the desert dwellers." 

Psalm of David 74 Verse 14

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Testimony Of Deliverance From Oppression

Giftings That Are Natural But Look Spiritual 

"Soul Reading" With John Thomas 

"Empaths And Emotions" Cole Davis 

Discerning Prophets With A Psychic Spirit

 (Jennifer LeClaire)

Spirits Influencing Jewish And Christian Youth

New Age Influence On Jewish Youth

New Age Influence On Christian Youth

Can Two Spirits Influence A Believer?

'Can A Person Have Two Spirits At Once?" 

With Derek Prince

"Prophets Vs Psychics" 

By John Paul Jackson

The Danger Of Chasing Signs (Series With John Bevere)

Beware Of The Unseen Realm

"Beware Of Demonic Spirits"

With Robert Morris

"Realities Of The Unseen Realm"
With John Ramirez

The Samson And Ahab Spirits

The Ahab Spirit

The Samson Spirit

Nabal And Absalom Spirits

The Absalom Spirit

The Nabal Spirit

The Spirit Of Jezebel

Unmasking The Jezebel Spirit

Stop Tolerating The Jezebel Spirit

A False Holy Spirit (Strange Fire) In The Churches 

Exposing Kundalini Spirits 
In The New Apostolic Reformation

"Kundalini Warning"  Documentary

With Andrew Strom

The Rise Of False Prophets Arising In The Churches

Two Opposing Company of Prophets

With Patricia King

The Rise of False Prophets

With Patricia King

Defining Deception: Spiritual Abuse For Profit

Tolerating Jezebel

“But this I have against you, that you tolerate that Woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess—

Yet she is teaching and deceiving My servants to commit Sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.

Revelation Chapter 2 Verse 20

Unmasking The Jezebel And Absalom Spirits

"Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit"

With John Paul Jackson

"Understanding the Spirit of Absalom"

With John Paul Jackson

Removing The Spirit Of Jezebel

"Stop Tolerating The Jezebel Spirit"

With Pastor Robert Morris

"What Is A Jezebel Spirit?"

With Jimmy Evans

The Spirit Of Balaam

"Prosperity Gospel Exposed: Does The Bible Promise Health and Wealth"

By Allen Parr

"Creflo Dollar Dreams of Shooting Non-Tithers With Uzi's At Church"

By Thoughts, Camera, Action

"Little Gods" Gnosticism In The Church

"Litte Gods" Self-Deification and

Prosperity/Decree Declare Doctrine

"Gnosticism and Its Influence On The Church"

 with Lex Meyer

Simon Magus: The Father Of Spiritual Abuse

From False Convert to False Apostle

Simon Magus the Lawless One

Hypnosis Imitating The Holy Spirit?

Testimony And Berean Questions 

Testimony of former Bethel Student 

"Examining Bethel Theology"

False Spirits And Music

Counterfeit Spirits In Music 

(They Sold Their Soul For Rock N' Roll Part 4)

Kundalini In The Churches Music Video?

(Counting Stars By One Republic)

Songs For Encouragement

"Wedding Dress" by Derek Webb

"Lover" by Derek Webb

Written Resources 

"Playing With Holy Fire"

Dr. Michael Brown

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"Clouds Without Water: 

A Biblical Critique Of The World Of Faith Movement Exposing The False 

Prosperity Gospel 

(2-DVD Set)"

Justin Peters

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"Needless Casualties 

Of War'

John Paul Jackson

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"God, Greed, And The (Prosperity) Gospel: 

How Truth Overwhelms A Life Built On Lies"

Costi Hinn

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"Kundalinni Warning" 

By Andrew Strom

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"Defining Deception"

By Costi Hinn

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"Jezebel's Puppet's: 

Exposing The Agenda 

Of False Prophets

by Jennifer LeClaire

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"Unmasking The

 Jezebel Spirit"

By John Paul Jackson

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"Reigniting Spirit 

And Truth"

by PD Vander Westhuizen

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"Strange Fire: 

The Danger Of Offending 

The Holy Spirit With 

Counterfeit Worship"

By John MacArthur

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'The Unseen Realm" 

By Dr. Michael Heiser

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"Devils, Demons, And The Return Of The Nephillim"

By John Klein And 

Adam Spears

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An Eye 

Witness Account"

By Howard Pittman

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