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Finding A Way Out Of Debt

The rich rule over the poor, 

the borrower is a slave to the lender.

The Proverbs Of Solomon Chapter 22 Verse 7

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16 

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Resources To Find Help

Places To Heal

Healing Room Model And Celebrate Recovery Model

Healing Rooms

Healing Rooms are locations across the Country where you can book an appointment to be prayed over for Physical and Emotional Healing and to break Generational Curses individually. Healing Rooms often meet in local Congregations 

(Find a Healing Room HERE).

Celebrate Recovery 

Celebrate Recovery is a Faith Based 12 Step that meets in locations across the Country. Unlike most 12 Steps they cover far more than Chemical Addictions. Celebrate Recovery supports those going through any kind of hurt, hang up or struggle from Co-Dependency to Anorexia to Divorce to Alcoholism. Celebrate Recovery meetings usually take place on a weeknight in a local House of Worship and have a meal followed by a short service to make announcements and hand out Step Chips. They then divide into small groups based on Gender and also recovery group (Addiction Issues or Emotional Issues). Then regroup for dessert and for fellowship. Child Care is most often provided and the meal is low cost. 

(Find a Healing Room HERE.)

Business Ethics In The Bible (Rabbi Daniel Lapin)‚Äč

Americorp Debt Consolidation Program

Consolidates Unsecured Debts And Credit Cards

To One Lower Monthly Payment While

Removing High Interest And Late Fees.

(Use Americor Client ID 11295967 

 To Help Support Psalm 16 Ministry)

Call Americor At

(888) 251- 7090 

Contact Americor Via E-Mail

"Acorns" App.

Acorns Is An Investment App. That 

Rounds Debit Card Purchases Up

To The Nearest Dollar Then Places In Investments

(Assists Psalm 16 When You Download Acorns)

Download Acorns

"Financial Peace University" With Dave Ramsey

Financial Peace University

The 7 Baby Steps 

Saving Money And Avoiding Scams With Clark Howard

"How To Save Money On Groceries"

'How To Spot A Work from Home Scam"

Financial Wisdom From The Bible 

(With Rabbi Daniel Lapin)

"Business Secrets From The Bible"

'Creativity And Making Money"

Practical Wisdom For Youth

"Don't Follow Your Passion' 

with Mike Rowe

"Work Vs. Dreams"

Killing Lions by Sam and John Eldredge

God Always Provides (Testimonies)

"God Will Always Provide"

with Recie Saunders

"God Always Provides" 

with Paul Washer

Tithing And "Sowing"

Abusing The Poor

John McArthur

The Tithe Controversy

Kehillat Yeshua Messianic Ministry

Financial Management Education

Money Wise 

Family Ministry

Learn More

Crown Financial Ministry

Learn More

Dave Ramsey

Learn More

"Financial Peace University" 

Dave Ramsey Classes

Dave's Classes

Daniel Lapin's

Jewish Financial Wisdom Podcast

Rabbi Lapin's Site

Clark Howard's

Radio Show

Clark's Show

Recommended Coaches And Financial Advisors

Alex Hilbert

Financial Adviser

Hilbert Financial Group

Contact Alex

Dr. Angel Storm

Manifold Mind

Business Coaching

Contact Angel

Becky Anderson

Financial Adviser

At Edward Jones

Contact Becky

Business Building And Investing

Learn More

Work From Home And Project Based Jobs

Find Jobs

Emergency Resources

Find Emergency Help

Written Resources

"The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: 

A Proven Plan For 

Financial Fitness"

Dave Ramsey

Order Resource


How Biblical Free Enterprise Can Empower Your Faith, Family, And Freedom"

By Josh Tolley

Order Resource

"Clark Howard's Living Large In Lean Times: 250+ Ways To Buy Smarter, Spend Smarter,

 And Save Money"

Clark Howard

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"The Seven 

Money Types"

Tommy Woods

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"Money And Marriage 

God's Way"

By Howard Dayton

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"God, Greed And The 

Prosperity Gospel"

By Costi Hinn

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The Ancient Practices"

By Dan Allender

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"Covenant Relationships'

By Norman Willis

Free Download

"Boundary Stones: 

Divine Parameters 

For Faith And Life"

By Aaron Eby

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For Leaders"

By Cloud And Townsend

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"Boundaries Updated And Expanded Edition: When to Say Yes, How To Say No To Take Control Of Your Life"

By Cloud And Townsend

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"Boundaries In Marriage"

By Cloud And Townsend

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