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The Shalom To Your Heart Project

Deliverance From Spiritual Oppression

Yeshua rebuked him, saying, “Quiet! 

Come out of him!” And when the demon 

Threw him down in their midst, 

It came out without hurting him.

Gospel of Luke Chapter 4 Verse 25

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Show Pride In Your Tribe

Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship

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About The

 Pro-Nomian Movement

Books Worth Reading

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The Divine Council Part 6- David The Exorcist? (NRF)

The Divine Council Part 6

The Divine Council Part 6- Q And A


"Lies We Need To Hunt To Heal And Mature" (The Lion's Path)

The 7 Curses Of Leviathan 

(Pride And Truth Twisting)

This is an excellent Study Course on the 7 Curses of Leviathan

 (the Prideful Twisting Serpent) that covers 

How they enter your life, 

How they effect your life,

 How to get them out of your life!

The Spirit of The Creator is has seven-facets that are countered 

By the seven curses of Leviathan and

The seven-facets of living in the flesh (Pride).

In the Book of Job ONLY The Creator could defeat Leviathan,

 So we must call upon HIM. 

This PDF is available by donation to 

[email protected] 

Via Paypal.

"You crushed the heads of Leviathan, 

Giving him as food to the desert dwellers." 

Psalm of David 74 Verse 14

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Intercessory Prayer Training 

(Spirit Lead Me Ministry)

Learn More

Intercessor Training ("Spirit Lead Me" Ministry)

Welcome To New Students 

Steps To Intercession Part 1

"Healing Rooms" And "Celebrate Recovery"

Healing Rooms 

Celebrate Recovery 

Find A 

Local Healing Room

Locator Link Here

Find A Local

Celebrate Recovery

Group Link Here

Find a Local Faith Based Counselor 

Faith Based Counselors

The Devil And Demons In Bible Times

The Devil And Demons (Explained)

The Satan And Demons (Q And A)

Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree

Purging Your House Part 1

Perry Stone

Purging Your House Part 2

Perry Stone

2nd Heaven Warfare (Principalities And Powers)

The "5 Big No's" Of Spiritual Warfare

John Paul Jackson

Second Heaven Warfare

John Paul Jackson

Release From Curses

"Prayer To Be Released From A Curse"

with Derek Prince

"Breaking Generational Curses"

with Derek Prince

Everyday Occultism In The American Home?

Dabbling On The Dark Side 

Beyond Today

Everyday Occultism

Prophecy Club

Night Terrors -Streams Ministries Interview 

The Demonic Heirarchy

The Demonic Heirarchy

How The Demonic Realm Works

Understanding The Dark Kingdom

The Structure of the Demonic Kingdom

by Derek Prince

Recognizing Satan's Kingdom

by Derek Prince

Spirits Oppressing Family Lines

Familiar Spirits

Countering Curses

False Holy Spirits

Kundalinni Spirit in the Churches 

Ex-Bethel Student gives her Testimony

Open Doors That Let Them In

Open Doors In Our Lives

Poverty And Spiritual Oppression

Demonized Christians?

Demonized Christians

By Derek Prince

The Basics of Deliverance

By Derek Prince

Demons In And Demons Out

How Do Demons Come In

Derek Prince

How To Be Delivered From Demons

Derek Prince

Healing After And Overcoming Jezebel

Is There A Jezebel Spirit Or A Jezebel Mentality?

Jennifer Eivaz

Overcoming Jezebel And Control

Paulette Reed

"Winning Your Spiritual Battle" With Pd Vander Westhuizen

Homes And Homesteads

Spiritual Issues On Homesteads

Passive Males And Spirits In The Home

Spirits That Battle Your Children 

Breaking That Spirits That Are 

Battling Your Children

Prayers To Bring Deliverance 

To Your Children

"When Demons Oppress Believers" With Robert Morris

Songs For Encouragement 

'Good Good Father" By Chris Tomlin

"Raise A Hallelujah" By Bethel Worship 

Written Resources

"Dangerous Prayers: 

Because Following 

Jesus Was Never 

Meant To Be Safe"

By Craig Groeschel

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How To Gain Victory

 Over The 

Powers Of Darkness"

By Rabbi 

Kirt Schneider 

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"Dealing With 

Hindering Spirits: 

When The Warfare Moves 

From Natural To Supernatural"

By Perry Stone

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"Pruning Your Family Tree" 

by Perry Stone

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"Pigs In The Parlor"

by Frank Hammond

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"Kundalinni Warning" 

by Andrew Strom

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"Needless Casualties 

Of War"

By John Paul Jackson

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'Feeding Demons"
By Perry Stone Jr.

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"Basic Training For Deliverance Ministry"

By Sharline Rena 


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"Devils, Demons And Return Of The Nephillim"

by Spears and Klein

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A Practical Manual" 

by Francis MacNutt

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An Eye 

Witness Account"

 by Howard Pittman

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