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Jesus Went Through A Divorce?

I noted that when backsliding 

Israel committed adultery 

I sent her away and gave her 

A certificate of divorce. 

Yet, unfaithful Judah, her sister, did not fear. 

Instead she also went and committed adultery.

The Prophet Jeremiah Chapter 3 Verse 8

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

"Divorced And Torah" 

A Hebrew Hearts Connection Group

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Relationship Coach

Annalisa O'Toole

More About Annalisa


Local Support For Hope, Healing And Recovery From Life's Hurts, Habits And Hang-Ups

"Celebrate Recovery"

Where To Find In-Person Prayer And Healing Across The Globe

"Healing Rooms"

Connect On Facebook With Hebrews And Messianics 

Across The Globe For Support 

And Encouragement

"Friends With Hebrew Hearts"

In-Person Hope And Healing

Celebrate Recovery 

Healing Rooms Ministries

Divorce Care Classes

This Resource is a Class similar to a 12 Step 

For those who are going through a Divorce or Separation 

Or may be going through one soon.

Find a Class Near You

Advice From An Evaluator On Custody Court

Child Custody Mediation Strategies

Co-Parenting With A Controlling Ex

Advice From An Evaluator On Custody Court

How To Build A Strong Child Custody Case

Live On Purpose TV

Child Custody Mediation Resources

Live On Purpose TV

Hope For Spiritual Widows/Widowers

Spiritually Widowed

"The Case For Christ" Trailer

Why Kids Need Their Mom And Their Dad

"The Difference A 

Mom Can Make"

Dr. Kevin Leman

"The Difference A Daddy 

Makes For Daughters"

Dr. Kevin Leman 

Struggles Of Children 

In Single Parent Homes

4 Struggles Children in Single Parent Homes Face Later

The Father Effect (Short Film) John Finch

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Part 1: Shaunti Felhahn (Men)

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Part 2: Shaunti Feldhahn (Women)

Separation And Reconciliation


On Separation And Reconciliation

"Plumb" On Listening To 

The Creator During Separation

"God Is Primarily In The Heart Restoration Business First, 

NOT The Circumstance Restoration Business"

After Divorce (For Men And Their Sons)

Family, It's Worth Fighting For!

James Wilson

"Freeing Men From Emotional Incarceration"

James Wilson

The Two Views In Judaism

The School Of Hillel View Of Divorce

Tyler Dawn Rosenquist 

Calls for Compassion in Divorce.

The School Of Shammai View Of Divorce 

Norman Willis 

Calls us to take Divorce seriously.

America Has The Highest Rate Of Children

 In Single Parents Homes 

Of Any Culture In History

How Will This Effect Us?

"Breaking Soul Ties" With John Eldredge

Dating After Divorce

"Don't Settle" 

By Kristina Kuzmic 

"Kindness And Divorce"

 By Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

"Singleness And Divorce" Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

Paul Nison (Torah Life Ministries) On Divorce Experience

Deeper Issues


With John Paul Jackson

"Keys To Receiving God's Justice"

By John Paul Jackson

Focus On The Family

Access Resources From

Focus On The Family

The Hope Line

Contact The HopeLine

Churches Care

Find Help From 

Local Ministers

Films For Encouragement

"War Room" On 

"Fire Proof" On 

Songs For Encouragement

"Forgiveness" By Matthew West

"Need You Now" By Plumb

Written Resources

"Real Dad's Step Up!

What Every Father Should Know About Child Support, Rights And Custody"

by Alicia M. Crowe

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"Hope Focused 

Marriage Counseling"

Everett L. Worthington Jr. 

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"Divorce Care:

Hope, Help And 

Healing During And 

After Your Divorce"

Divorce Care Manual

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"Purging Your House, 

Pruning Your

 Family Tree"

by Perry Stone

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"Coping Skills For

 Kid's Workbook"

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"Body Boundaries: 

Consent And Respect"

by Jayneen Sanders

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"The Root Of Rejection: 

Escape The Bondage Of Rejection And Experience

 The Freedom Of 

God's Acceptance"

By Joyce Meyer

Order Resource 

"Becoming Myself: 

Embracing God's

 Dream Of You"

By Stasi Eldredge

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"Wild At Heart: 

Discovering The Secret 

Of A Man's Soul'

By John Eldredge

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"Overcoming Rejection" 

By John Paul Jackson

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"Fathered By God: 

Learning What 

Your Dad 

Could Never 

Teach You" 

By John Eldredge

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"Healing The Wounded Heart: The Heartache Of Sexual Abuse And The Hope Of Transformation"

By Dan Allender

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"Experiencing Grief"

H. Norman Wright

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"Tear Soup:

A Workbook For 

Grieving Kids"

Chuck DeKlyen

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"The Sacred Romance:

Drawing Closer

 To The Heart Of God"

John Eldredge 

And Brent Curtis

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