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Dreams In The Bible

Adonai is my portion and my cup.

You cast my lot.

My boundary lines fall in pleasant places

—Surely my heritage is beautiful.

I will bless Adonai, who counsels me.

Even at night my heart instructs me.

I have set Adonai always before me.

Psalm Of King David 16 Verse 5

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

"Dream Journal"

By Brian Asriel Newman And Melissa Collins

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Need A Dream Interpreted?

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Introducing Dream Coaching

Dream Interpretation

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"Types Of Dreams"

Dream Interpretation

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"Fear Dreams"

Dream Interpretation

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"The Pastor And His Son"

Dream Interpretation

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"The Mountain"
Dream Interpretation

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"Strengthening The 

Arms That Hang Limp"

Dream Interpretation

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Interview's With Brian On Dreams

"Understanding Your Dreams"

Acts 2:17 Interview with Stephen Bowlen

"Let's Talk Shalom"

Dream Interview With Michelle Rymer

More Resources And Education

Walking In The Spirit And Dream Interpretation (Streams Ministries)

Conversations On Dreams And The Bible (Remnant Radio)

Dream Interpretation Interview

Remnant Radio

Biblical Dream Interpretation

Remnant Radio

The Church Fathers On Discerning Dreams And Visions

Historical View Of Dreams And Visions

Remnant Radio

The Church Fathers On Dream Interpretation

Remnant Radio

Dreams About Who You Will Marry? (Apply God's Word Daily)

4 Reasons God Allowed You To

Suddenly Have A Dream About Someone

How To Interpret Dreams And Prophetic

Words About Your Relationships

The Science Of Dreams (The Infographics Show)

50 Insane Facts About Dreams

Immobility In Dreams

The Science Of Dreams (The Infographics Show)

Repetitive And Predictive Dreams

Supposed Myths About Sleep And Dreaming

The Science Of Dreams (The Infographics Show)

Why Some People SEEM Not To Dream

Can You Control Your Dreams?

Dreams In Psychology (Psych2Go)

8 Interesting Facts About Dreams

7 Common Dream Meanings

"Acts 2:17 Manifested"

Dream Interpretation Study Group

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Dreams and Visions E-Course 

Through Streams Ministries 

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Are Dreams Important?

The Importance Of Dreams

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

The Language Of Dreams

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

What Are Your Dreams Are Telling You?

What You Dreams Are Telling You

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

Understanding Your Dreams

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

When Dreams Reveal Spiritual Attack And Delay

Discerning Dreams

How To Interpret Your Dreams

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

Is This Dream From The Lord?
Rabbi Kirt Schneider

See In The Spirit-The Basics Of Dreams And Visions (David Diga Hernandez)

Dreams In History, Night Trauma And 

Cautions In Dream Interpretation

Understanding Nightmares

Pastor  And Lana Savchuk

Fast Facts On Dream 

Pastor Savchuk

Dreams In History And Cautions In Dream Interpretation

Pastor Vlad Savchuk

Pastor Vlad Savchuk

What To Do With Your Dreams (Stephanie Ike-The Potter's House)

"Interpretation Of Dreams"

'God Speaks In Your Dreams' 

'Dreams That Get Your Attention" with Troy Brewer

Dreams And Visions

Divine Dreams

Encounter TV

Divine Visions

Encounter TV

Dream Interpretation Teacher John Paul Jackson

Dreamipedia "A Case For The Biblical View of Dreams" John Paul Jackson

Dreams and Mysteries: 

"The Mystery of Dreams"

John Paul Jackson

Common Dream Elements

"Biblical Symbolism in Dreams"

Whitfield Harrington

"Water in your Dreams"

The Dream Interpreters

Top 20 Dreams With John Paul Jackson

Rooms And Vehicles

John Paul Jackson

Teeth, Babies And Bathrooms

John Paul Jackson

Top 20 Dreams With John Paul Jackson

"Colors In Dreams" John Paul Jackson

"Weapons In Dreams" John Paul Jackson

Animals In Dreams (with Recie Saunders)

Snakes In Dreams

Animals In Dreams-Principles 

Interpretation Keys And Calling

"Key Dream Interpretation Strategies"

With Jennifer LeClaire

"Can God Reveal My Calling In A Dream?" 

With Jennifer LeClaire

Dream Evangelism

'What Your Dreams Are Telling You"

With Cindy McGill

"The Tattoo Shop" 

With Recie Saunders

Common Issues in Interpretation 

"How Does One Know A Dream is from God?" With John E. Thomas 

"Complicated Dreams" 

With Recie Saunders

Why Can't I Remember My Dreams? 

Streams Ministries

Opposing View

Interpreting Dreams And Critical Thinking

Former Investigator's Analysis

Does Acts 2:17 Predict And Increase In Dreams?

Former Investigator's Analysis

When A Dream Makes Us Afraid

'Warnings In Spiritual Dreams' 

With Perry Stone 

"Night Terrors' 

With Josh Hoffert

Interpreting Dreams And Visions

Interpreting Dreams And Visions

Part 1 Perry Stone

Interpreting Dreams And Visions

Part 2 Perry Stone

Interpreting Dreams And Visions

Interpreting Dreams And Visions

Part 3 Perry Stone

How To Find The Will Of God

Perry Stone


Unlocking Your Dreams

With Autumn Mann 

Learn More 

Troy Brewer Ministries 

With Troy Brewer

Learn More

God Encounters

With Jim Goll

Learn More

Dream Lab With John E. Thomas (Streams Ministries)

Dream Lab: Pools 

Dream Lab: Crashes 

Autumn Mann: Unlocking Your Dreams Parts 1 And 2 

 "Unlocking Your Dreams" Pt. 1

 'How Dreams Are For Today" Pt. 2

Autumn Mann: Unlocking Your Dreams Parts 3 And 4

How Do You Know

 If A Dream Is From God? Pt. 3 


How Do You Know If 

A Dream Is From God? Pt. 4

Autumn Mann: Unlocking Your Dreams Parts 5 And 6

Learning The Language Of Heaven Pt. 5

Children And Dreams Pt. 6

Autumn Mann: Unlocking Your Dreams Parts 7 And 8

Encouragement And Correction Pt. 7

Steps To Interpreting A Dream Pt. 8

"Different Kinds Of Dreams: How You Interpret Dream Symbols" 

Jennifer Eivaz

Dreams And Judaism

Read Article 

Symbols And Numbers

"Biblical Dream Interpretation"

By Barbie Breathitt

"Numbers In Dreams?"

By Troy Brewer

Numbers That Preach (Troy Brewer)

Number 9

Troy Brewer

Number 3

Troy Brewer

"Walking In The Spirit And Dream Interpretation" With John E. Thomas 

False Dreams?

The idols utter deceit and diviners see lies. 

They relate False Dreams and comfort in vain. 

Therefore the people wander like sheep, 

Afflicted because there is no shepherd.

The Prophet Zechariah Chapter 10 Verse 2 

Marine Veteran Phil Downer: PTSD And Dreams 

False Dreams And Necromancy Dreams 

"False Dreams" 

With Recie Saunders

"Dead People In Dreams" 

With John E. Thomas

"School Of The Spirit" Dream Interpretation Class

Films About Dreams 

Dream Hotel ( )


"Mountaintop" Full Movie (


Films About Dreams 

"What Dreams May Come" 

Film Trailer


Film Trailer

Songs About Dreams

"Don't Dream It's Over"

Crowded House

"These Dreams"


Songs About Dreams 

"Just A Dream"

Carrie Underwood

"A Million Dreams"

The Greatest Showman

Books By Well-Known Interpreters

"Top 20 Dreams"

By John Paul Jackson

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Children And 

The Night Season"

 By Recie Saunders

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"How To Interpret

 Dreams and Visions"

By Perry Stone 

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"Dreams And Visions: 

Is Jesus Awakening 

The Muslim World?"

By Tom Doyle

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"Dreams And Visions: Understanding And Interpreting God's 

Message To You"

By Jane Hamon

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"Hearing God Through 

Your Dreams: 


The Language God 

Speaks At Night" 

By Mark Virkler

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"What Your Dreams 

Are Telling You: 

Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep" By Cindy McGill

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"A-Z Dream 

Symbology Dictionary" 

By Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt

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"Numbers That Preach Understanding God's Mathematical Lingo"

By Troy Brewer

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"Dream Language: 

The Prophetic 

Power Of Dreams"

By Jim Goll

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"Decoding Your Dreams: 

What The Lord May 

Be Saying To You 

While You Sleep" 

By Jennifer LeClaire

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"Secrets Of Daniel: 

The Wisdom And Dreams Of A Jewish Prince"

By Jacques B. Doukhan

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"The Interpretation

 Of Dreams"

Sigmund Freud

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"Dreams And Visions:

Muslim's Miraculous

 Journey To Jesus"

By Rick Kronk

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"The Sleep Revolution: 

Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time"

By Arianna Huffington

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