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The Earth Groans Waiting On Redemption

 For the creation was subjected to futility—not willingly but Because of the One who subjected it—in hope that the creation Itself also will be set free from bondage to decay into the Glorious Greedom of the children of God. 

For we know that the 

Whole creation groans together and 

Suffers birth pains until now— 

Letter To The Romans Chapter 8 Verse 20

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Slavery And Animal Abuse In the Bible?

Is The Temple Sacrifice Animal Abuse?

119 Ministries 

Slavery And The Bible

119 Ministries

Water Of Life And Tree Of Life

Water Of Life

Tree Of Life

The Cries Of The Earth Around The Globe

Black Blizzards From Ignoring

 Sabbatical Years And Jubilees

Locusts And Dead Birds

Current Events Documentary

"How To Deliver Land From Territorial Spirits" Jennifer Eivaz

Homes And Homesteads

Spiritual Issues On Homesteads

Passive Males And Spirits In The Home

The Spirit Side Of Nature

"The Mystery of Man and The Earth"

By John Paul Jackson

"Judgment On the "gods" of Egypt"

Lion And Lamb Ministry

The Earth Needs It's Sabbaths 

The Coming 7 Years Of Famine

Why The Sabbatical Years Matter

Four Blood Moons And Sackcloth Sun 

Films For Study: "Exodus, Gods And Kings" Trailer

Films For Study

"Dark Waters" Trailer 

"Erin Brokovich" Trailer 

Written Resources

"The Journey Of Desire: Searching For The Life We Always Dreamed Of"

By John Eldredge 

Order Resource 

"Two Winters"

By Native 

American Witness

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"2300 Days Of Hell: 

The Two Witnesses, 

Josephs 7 Years Of Plenty And 7 Years Of Famine'

By Joseph Dumond

Order Resource 

"Four Blood Moons: Something Is 

About To Change"

By John Hagee

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"Remembering The Sabbatical Years Of 2016: Breaking The Curses 

By Obedience

By Joseph Dumond"

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"The Harbinger: 

The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret 

To America's Future"

By Jonathan Cahn 

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