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The Tabernacle Of David (Between Garden And Temple)

‘After this I will return

And rebuild the fallen tabernacle of David.

I will rebuild its ruins

And I will restore it,

So that the rest of humanity may seek 

The Lord—namely All the Gentiles who are called by 

My name—says Adonai,

Who makes these things known from of old.’

Acts Of The Apostles 

Chapter 15 Verses 16 And 17

Tree Of Life Version​

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

The Divine Council Part 4-Sacred Space (NRF)

The Divine Council Part 4-Sacred Space

The Divine Council-Q And A



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Kehillat Yeshua 


Learn More 

About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

Understanding Eden (The Bible Project)

'The Bible Project:  Royal Priests Of Eden"

"The Bible Project: Genesis 1"

Understanding The World Before The Fall

East (Song By Sleeping At Last)

Mosley (Animated Film)

The High Priest Of Hebrews

"The Book Of Hebrews"

The Bible Project

"The Temple"

The Bible Project

"Is The Tree Of Life Practical?" The Bible Project Podcast 

The Garden Before The Temple

'The Heart: YHVH's First Work" 

With Brad Scott

"The Mystery of Man and the Earth"

With John Paul Jackson

The Gospel In The Garden

'Did You Know-Eden Restored?"

By Rico Cortes

'The Creation Gospel"

With Hollisa Alewine

Garden Life

"Dinosaurs In The Bible?"

With Kent Hovind

"Where Was The Garden Of Eden Located?" 

With Ken Ham

'Two Trees In The Garden" With John Paul Jackson

Heaven And Earth (The Bible Project)

Rico Cortes Explains The Tabernacle

Sacrifice, Atonement And Temple (The Bible Project)

Sacrifice And Atonement


The Temple After The Garden

"The Mystery Of Jerusalem"

 with Perry Stone

"Secrets Of The Jerusalem Temple"

Temple Series with Joseph Good

Pure Light And The Anisotropic 12 Gems 

(Fiery Stones?)

Of New Jerusalem's Foundation

(Gemology Article By Christian Evidence)

Learn More

Music In The Temple

Sons Of Korah 

(Psalms Set To Modern Music)

Psalm 23 On The Hebrew Harp

With Peregrinnatti

"Song Of  Moses And The 144,000" With Rico Cortes

Part 1 of 12 

Part 2 of 12 

Song Of Moses Videos 3 And 4

Part 3 of 12

Part 4 of 12

Song Of Moses Videos 5 And 6

Part 5 of 12 

Part 6 of 12 

Song Of Moses Parts 7 And 8

Part 7 of 12

Part 8 of 12

Song Of Moses Videos 9 And 10 

Part 9 of 12

Part 10 of 12

Song Of Moses Videos 11 And 12 

Part 11 of 12 

Part 12 of 12

Tearing The Veil Asunder

"Did You Know Which Veil 

Tore In The Temple?"

Rico Cortes

"The Curtain Torn In Two" 

Alistair Begg

The Temple Controversy

The Lost Temple Mount?

The Temple Vs. The Antonia

Kairos Time In The Heavens 

"Getting To Know The God Of Time And Space" With John Paul Jackson 

"Secrets Of The Spirit World"

With Perry Stone

The New Jerusalem Temple

"Jerusalem And The Third Temple" 

With Perry Stone

"Your Future In Jerusalem"

With Perry Stone

Sacrifices And The Temple

"Animal Sacrifices In The Light Of The Messiah" with 119 Ministries

'Why Animal Sacrifices In The Kingdom: 

Memorial Offerings" with Jacob Prasch

Understanding Sacrifices Today 

With Zach Bauer

Songs For Worship

"Come Into Your Garden" 

by Misty Edwards

"Take Me In To The Holy Of Holies"

Performed by Kutless

Written Resources

"The Temple Revealed 

In The Garden: 

Priests And Kings"

By Dinah Dye 

Order Resource 

"The Temple 

Revealed In Creation: 

A Portrait Of 

The Family"

By Dinah Dye

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"The Works Of 

Flavius Josephus: 

Complete And Unabridged"

Translated By 

William Whiston

Order Resource 

"Garden Of Peace"

Men And Women's Bundle

by Rabbi Shalom Arush

Order Resource

"The Temple: 

Its Ministry And Services 

As They Were At 

The Time Of Jesus Christ"

by Alfred Edersheim

Order Resource

"Measure The Pattern: 

Volume 1

 A Study Of The Structures Surrounding The Inner Courtyard Of 

The Temple"

by Joseph Good

Order Resource

"Treasures Of The Temple Course Workbook"

 Ryan White, Joseph Good, Rico Cortes 

Order Resource 

"King Kingdom Citizen: 

His Reign &

 Our Identity"

By Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

Order Resource

"Chronicles Of

 The Sacred Mountain: 

Revealing The Mysteries Of Heaven's Past, Present 

And Future"

By Perry Stone

Order Resource 

"The Tabernacle: 

Shadows Of The Messiah

 (Its Sacrifices, Services, 

And Priesthood)"

By David M. Levy

Order Resource 

"Seeing Christ 

In The Tabernacle"

Ervin N. Hershberger

Order Resource

"Garments For Glory: Pictures Of Christ In Israel's High Priest Of The Old Testament Tabernacle 

And Temple

Garments For Glory: 

Pictures Of Christ In Israel's High Priest Of The 

Old Testament Tabernacle And Temple"

By Andy McIlree 

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"Seeing Christ In

 The Old Testament" 

By Ervin Hershberger 

Order Resource 

"Types Of The Tabernacle 

And Temple: 

Two Books In One"

By Thomas Newberry

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"Finding Jesus

In The Exodus:

Christ In Israel's Journey 

From Slavery To 

The Promised Land"

By Nicholas Perrin

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