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Psalm 16's 

Media Resources

Psalm 16 Ministry

Priests Bore The Pain Of The People

 For we do not have a Kohen Gadol who is 

Unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but 

One who has been tempted in 

All the same Ways—yet without sin. 

Letters To The Hebrews Chapter 4 Verse 15

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Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship

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The 'Shalom To Your Heart" Project

Welcome to the "Shalom To Your Heart Project!

This virtual library is a collection of resources gathered by Brian "Asriel" Newman of Psalm 16 Ministry.

This virtual library is a way to point the learner to source materials for concepts, ideas and information about spiritual questions, personal growth and mental health topics that Brian has shared through the years. It is also a way to give credit to the original author of the concepts you may hear or the original musician is referencing songs. 

If you find the videos or articles helpful then consider ordering a book by the presenter or subscribing to their channel. All of which are linked at the page bottoms.

Check out Brian's weekly TV Show at "Let's Talk Shalom!"


Psalm 16 Ministry

Brian Newman

PO Box 671 Ooltewah, TN 37363

[email protected] 


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Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)


The Price Of The Gifting

Empaths are often like Satellite Dishes that get far more channels that an Antennae, 

But with the sensitivity to get more Signal comes a certain Sensitivity to the Weather (Environment) 

Health Risks To Empaths

Emotions And Empaths (The Lion's Path With Cole Davis)

The Life Of The Empath/Discerner

Empaths Waking Up At 3am?  

'The Discerner" With Jessi Liv 

Empath And Personality

The Truth About Empaths 

(Frank James)

3 Shared Personality Traits Of Empaths

(Frank James)

The Prophetic Hub is a Facebook Group for those with a Revelatory Gifting.

The Prophetic Hub

International School of the Word is a Seminary for Lay People Administered by Perry Stone. 

International School 

Of The Word

Streams Ministries E-Courses on Hearing God, Dream Interpretation, Visions and other Prophetic Subjects.

Streams Ministries Courses

Highly Sensitive People (Elaine Aarons)

Part 1: Research

Part 2: Life 

Highly Sensitive People

Part 3: Complete Q And A

"The Gentle Power Of 

Highly Sensitive People" 

Elena Herdieckerhoff

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response?

What Is ASMR (Answers Video)

Answering Your Questions? Sarah L.

Films About Empaths

"Powder" Trailer

"The Village" Trailer 

Songs For Encouragement

"Healing Begins" By Tenth Avenue North

"Save My Life" Sidewalk Prophets

Written Resources 

"The Highly 

Sensitive Person" 

By Elaine Aarons

Order Resource

"The Discerner"

By Jim Goll

Order Resource 

"The Highly 

Sensitive Child" 

By Elaine Aaron

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 The Unexpected Power Of Building Others Up"

By Dan Allender,

 Larry Crabb And John Mayer

(Audible Book)

Order Resource

'The Wisdom Of Tenderness" 

By Brennan Manning

Order Resource


By Cloud And Townsend

Order Resource

"No More Christian Nice Guy:

When Just Being Nice--

Instead Of Good--

Hurts You,

 Your Family, 

And Your Friends"

By Paul Coughlin

Order Resource

"No More Christian Nice Girl:

When Just Being Nice--Instead Of Good--

Hurts You, Your Family, 

And Your Friends"

By Paul Coughlin And Jennifer Degler

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"Wild At Heart:
Discovering The Secret 

Of A Man's Soul"

by John Eldredge

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