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Returning The Hearts Of The Fathers To The Children

He will turn the hearts of fathers to the children, and the 

Hearts of children to their fathers—

Else I will come and strike the land with utter destruction.”

The Prophet Malachi Chapter 3 Verse 24

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Back Packs For Foster Kids Interview

Need Help Finding How To Help?

Reach Out To Site Founder Brian

(Above Is "Big Brothers Big Sisters" 

Mentoring Event In 2005)

Contact Brian


"Dad, How Do I?" Youtube Channel

Check The Oil In My Car?

Change A Flat Tire?

"Dad, How Do I?' Youtube Channel

Shave My Face

How To Tie A Tie

'Dad, How Do I?" Youtube Channel

How To Iron A Dress Shirt 

How Do I Jump Start A Car?

The Hope Line For Teens And Youth

(Led By Counselor Dawson McAllister)

Chat With The Hope Line

Dawson McAllister Live Prayer Line

'The Father Effect" Full Movie

Abdullam's Cave Founder -Jason Wilson

"Cry Like A Man"  Jason Wilson

"My Story" Jason Wilson

Defining Masculinity And It's Power-Jason Wilson

Defining Masculinity And It's Power

Jason Wilson

Control Your Anger

Jason Wilson

Martial Arts And Fatherless Boys

"How To Respond When Your Son Cries"
James Wilson

"A Village Of Fathers Support A Son"

James Wilson

Orange Duffel Bag Initiative 

For Those In Foster Care

ODBI’s coaching model and curriculum are 

inspired by the award-winning book

 “My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey to Radical Change.” 

In 2010, an ODBI coaching program pilot was launched in partnership with

 GA Department of Human Services to provide an innovative solution and intervention to improve the education 

achievement rates of students in foster care.

Learn More About Orange Duffel Bag Initiative 

CASA And Orange Duffel Bag Initiative

"Court Appointed Special Advocates"

"Orange Duffel Bag Initiative"

Mentoring Programs

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentorship

The Real Gentleman's Club

After School And Residential Programs 

Boys And Girls Club

Teen Challenge USA 

Calling For Help 

The HopeLine For Teens 

The Boys Town National Hotline

Chic-Fill-A And Foster Care

Winshape Camps

Winshape Houses

Turning The Unfamiliar Into Family

The Mother Wound And Fatherlessness 

"The Mother Wound" 

With Stasi Eldredge

"Fatherless Daughters And Dating"

Ask A Black Woman Episode 3

The Father Effect And Father's Blessing

"The Father Effect" 

"The Father's Blessing"

Trials Young Men Face

"Killing Lions" Series

With John Eldredges

Work Vs. Dreams 

With Sam Eldredge 

Trials Young Women Face 

"The Assault On Beauty"

With Stasi Eldredge 

"Becoming Who You Truly Are"

With Stasi Eldredge 

Christine Cain: Testimony Of Finding Out She Is Adopted

Sam Bracken's Story

The Tragic Childhood Of Sam Bracken

Sam Bracken "Everyone Has A Story"

Sam Bracken's Advice For Fosters And The Fatherless 

"Beating All Odds"

"Strange And Unusual"

Mentor Sessions With Sam Bracken

'What Normal Looks Like"

"Be That One To Help"

Mentor Sessions With Sam Bracken

"Use Choice"

"Be Mindful Of Moments"

Mentor Sessions With Sam Bracken 

"A Crisis Of Character"

"Not Like Them" 

Mentor Sessions With Sam Bracken

"Find Your Fuel"

"Small Changes Over Time"

Mentor Sessions With Sam Bracken 

"Thankfulness For Sacrifice"

'The Value Of Vision'

Mentor Sessions With Sam Bracken

"Change Yourself"

'The Power Of Purpose In Planning"

Mentor Sessions With Sam Bracken

"Choose Love" 

"Find Meaning" 

Sam Bracken On How To Help Kids In Crisis 

"Helping Kids In Crisis' 

"2 Strangers Took Me In" 

"Discarded Things" Trailer

Songs For The Journey

"Abba' By Jonathan David Helser

"What Love Really Means?" By J.J. Heller

Songs For The Journey 

"What's A Boy To Do? By Mat Kearney

"Piece By Piece" By Kelly Clarkson

Written Resources

"Fathered By God"

By John Eldredge

Order Resource

'My Orange Duffel Bag" 

By Sam Bracken

Order Resource


How To Be A Better Man Or Just Live With One"

By Terry Crews

Learn More

"No More Christian Nice Girl:

When Just Being Nice-

Instead Of Good

-Hurts You, Your Family, 

And Your Friends"

Paul Coughlin And 

Jennifer Degler

Order Resource

"No More Christian Nice Guy:

When Being Nice-

Instead Of Good-

Hurts Men, Women, 

And Children"

Paul Coughlin

Order Resource

"Free Us From Bullying"

Real Solutions Beyond
Being Nice"

Paul Coughlin

Order Resource

"Free To Be Me:

Becoming The Young Woman God Created You To Be"

By Stasi Eldredge

Order Resource 

"The Healing Path:

 How the Hurts in Your Past Can Lead You To A More 

Abundant Life"

By Dan Allender 

Order Resource 

"(Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People 

To Do Big Things"

By Steven Furtick

Order Resource 

"Cry Like A Man: 

Fighting For Freedom From Emotional Incarceration"

By Jason Wilson

Order Resource

"Killing Lions: 

A Guide Through The Trials 

Young Men Face"

By Sam And John Eldredge

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"The Way Of The Wild Heart: 

A Map For The 

Masculine Journey"

By John Eldredge

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