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The Shalom To Your Heart Project

'Therefore Let Us Keep The Feast"

Your boasting is no good. Don’t you know that a little hametz Leavens the whole batch of dough? Get rid of the old Hametz, 

So you may be a new batch, just as you are Unleavened—for Messiah, our Passover Lamb, has been Sacrificed. 

Therefore let Us celebrate the feast not with old Hametz, 

The hametz of Malice and wickedness, but with

 Unleavened bread—

The matzah of sincerity and truth.

First Letter To The Corinthians 

Chapter 5 Verse 6 (Tree of Life Version)

The Apostle Paul To The 

Gentile Christian Church In Greece

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Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship

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Pro-Nomian Movement

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Messiah In The Passover

(With Chosen People Ministries) 

Download A Free Passover Haggadah 

(Instruction Booklet)

From Chosen People Ministries

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The Passover For Families 

(With Passion For Truth)

The Passover Meal

Experience The Passover

Rabbi Scheider

Passover, Messiah And You

Rabbi Schneider

The Prophetic Passover

Passover And The End Times

Rabbi Schneider

How Jesus Fulfills Passover

Rabbi Schneider

Passover As Prophecy 

The Spring Feasts Of Israel:

How To Find Jesus In The OT

Mike Winger

The Mind Blowing Significance

 Of Passover As Prophecy

Mike Winger

Understanding Messiah Through Passover 

With Passion For Truth

Part 1: Basics Of Passover 

Part 2: Threshold Covenant 

Understanding Messiah Through Passover

With Passion For Truth 

Part 3: Redeeming The First-Born 

Part 4: What Is Leaven?

The Ancient Passover 

With Passion For Truth

Passover For Christians

Should Christians Celebrate Passover?


Pesach: A Passover Guide for 

Believers in Yeshua (by Unlearn)

Timing Of Passover And The Crucifixion

Last Supper Or Passover?

Wednesday Or Friday Crucifixion?

Torah Calendar Vs. Rabbinic Calendar

"The Creator's Calendar" 

with Norman Willis

"Why Was The Hillel Calendar Created"

with The Joshua and Caleb Show

 A Hebraic Perspective On Circumcision (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Medical And Spiritual Benefits Of Circumcision?

"The Way" 

Director On His Adult Circumcision

CDC Now Endorses Infant Circumcision

Order Matzah Bread For Passover Week

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Songs For Encouragement

"You Overcome" By Jeremy Camp

"Amazing Love" Performed By Newsboys

Written Resources

"Torah Calendar"

Nazarene Israel

Free Download

"Celebrating Jesus In 

The Biblical Feasts"

Dr. Richard Booker 

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"A Family Guide To 

The Biblical Holidays: 

With Activities For All Ages"

By Robin Sampson

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"A Christian Guide To The Biblical Feasts"
By David Wilber 

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"Christ In The Passover"

Chosen People Ministries

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"Feasts Of The Bible" 


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A Guide To The Real Jesus And The Original Church"

Ron Mosely 

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