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The Shalom To Your Heart Project

The Wedding Feast

“On the fifteenth day of the seventh month you are to have a Sacred assembly. You are not to do any of your work, 

And you are to celebrate the Feast to Adonai for seven days.

The Book Of Numbers Chapter 29 Verse 12

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Resources For Celebrating The Feast Of Tabernacles

"Discovering The Jewish Jesus" In The Feast Of Tabernacles

"The Feast Of Tabernacles Part 1" 

with Rabbi Schneider

"The Feast Of Tabernacles: Part 2"

with Rabbi Schneider

Understanding Sukkot

"God's Prophetic Calendar" Sukkot

Jim Staley 

"The Depth Of The Feast Of Tabernacles"

Jim Staley

How To Celebrate Sukkot

"Sukkot: You Shall Rejoice" 

119 Ministries

"The Mo'edim Series-Sukkot" 

119 Ministries

A Yeshua Honoring Hebraic Wedding 

(with the Vander Westhuizens)

"How To Have A Hebraic Wedding 

Glorifying Yeshua" By The Vander Westhuizens

"PD and Christina Wedding:

A Picture Of Yeshua And His Bride"

2 Views Of The Millenium


The Millennial Kingdom

Torah Calendar Vs. Rabbinic Calendar

"The Creator's Calendar" 

with Norman Willis

"Why Was The Hillel Calendar Created"

with The Joshua and Caleb Show

Laguna Beach, Panama City 

Sukkot Location For Rent

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"St. Mary's Cove Florida"

Sukkot Location

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South Carolina Retreat Center

Songs For Encouragement

"Immanuel: God With Us" By Mercy Me

"Away In A Manger" Martina McBride

Written Resources

"Celebrating Jesus In The Biblical Feasts"

By Dr. Richard Booker  

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"A Christian Guide 

To The Biblical Feasts"

David Wilber

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"A Family Guide 

To The Biblical Holidays:

With Activities For All Ages"

By Robin Sampson

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The Ancient Practices"

By Christian Counselor

 Dan Allender

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"Reigniting Spirit 

& Truth: 

The Call Of The Bridegroom"

PD Van Der Westhuizen 

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"The Torah Calendar"

By Norman Willis

Free Downlaod

"Revelation And The 


by Norman Willis

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"End Time Delusions"

by Steve Wohlberg

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"Lost in Translation: 

2 Brides, 2 Destinies"

by Spears, Klein And Christopher

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