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Each Family Celebrating With The Lamb

Tell all the congregation of Israel that on the 

Tenth day of this month, each man is to take a 

Lamb for his family one lamb for the household.

The Exodus Chapter 12 Verse 13

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Find Other Families To Celebrate With

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Kehillat Yeshua 


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About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

Can We Keep The Feasts

Outside Of Jerusalem?

(White Feather Ministries)

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Should We Keep 

The Feasts

Outside Of Israel?

(Natan Lawrence)

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Can We Keep The Feasts 
Without A Temple?


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'Unleavened Bread Pizza' With Torah Chef

The Creator's Savings Plan And Bath Time

The Creator's Vacation Savings Plan

The Creator's Bath Time For The Soul

Making Challah Bread

The Significance Of Challah

Rabbi Eckstein

Challah Bread Recipe

The Countertop

The Spring And Fall Feasts For Families

The Spring Family Feasts

The Fall Family Feasts

Feasts Of The Bible Foldable Guide

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Songs For Family Sabbaths And Family Feasts

"The Blessing"

Kari Jobe And Cody Carnes

"Shabbat Shalom"

Joshua Aaron

Written Resources


The Ancient Practices Series"

Dan Allender

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"The Way:
Leaving Churchianity To Live Like The Savior"


Watch Documentary

"Sabbath In The Suburbs: 

A Family's Experiment 

With Holy Time"

MaryAnn McKibben-Dana

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"A Christian Guide 

To The Biblical Feasts"

By David Wilber

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"A Family Guide To The Biblical Holidays

With Activities 

For All Ages" 

by Robin Sampson

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"Celebrating Jesus In The Biblical Feasts

 Expanded Edition: Discovering Their 

Significance To 

You As A Christian"

By Dr. Richard Booker

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