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Psalm 16's 

Media Resources

Psalm 16 Ministry

The Assembly Of Called-Out Ones

Then Moses assembled all the congregation of 

Bnei-Yisrael and said to them, 

‚ÄúThese are the words which Adonai has 

Commanded you to do.

The Book Of The Exodus Chapter 35 Verse 1

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Show Pride In Your Tribe

Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship

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About The 

Pro-Nomian Movement

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Pro-Nomian/Hebrew Roots/Messianic Jewish/Nazerene Connections

Goshen Social

(The Set Apart Social Network)

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Messianic Jewish Connections

Yeshua Groups (Local Connections)

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Union Of Messianic Jewish Congregation Listings

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Messianic Jewish 

Alliance Of America

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International Alliance 

Of Messianic Congregations And Synagogues

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Congregation Leader Interviews 

Hector Raul "Assembly Of YHWH" Part 1

Hector Raul "Assembly Of YHWH" Part 2

Congregation Leader Interviews

Aaron Bishop Of 

"Darash Chai"

Chrissy Spangleberger Of

 "Clemson Sabbath Celebration"

Single's Ministry Leader Interviews

Misty Dittman Of "Hebrew Hearts"

Daniel Bertles Of "Hebrew Hearts"

Events Center For Rent And LIFT Residential Program Model

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The LIFT Residential Program Model 

Written Resources

"When Faith Works: Living Out The Law Of Liberty According To James"

David Wilber

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"Torah Government"

Nazarene Israel

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"Facing Messy Stuff In The Church: Case Studies For Pastors and Congregations"

Kenneth L. Swetland

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'Dealing With Messy 

Stuff In The Church"

By Kenneth L. Swetland

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'Boundaries In Leadership: 

Results, Relationships, 

And Being 

Ridiculously In Charge"

By Henry Cloud

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"Unity Through Acts 15"

Norman Willis

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"The First Will Be Last: 

A Biblical Perspective 

On Narcissism"

DC Robertson

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"When Narcissism 

Comes To Church: 

Healing Your Community From Emotional 

And Spiritual Abuse"

Chuck DeGroat

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"Narcissism In The Church: 

A Heart Of Stone In

 Christian Relationships"

David Orrison

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