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Hebrew Israelite Theory Explained (And In Some Cases Refuted)

Then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses on Account of the Cushite woman he married, 

Because he had married a Cushite woman.

The Book Of Numbers Chapter 12 Verse 1

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Resources For Further Study

A Duke Professor Writes About Tracing 

The Priestly-Levite Blood Through DNA

Solomon And Africa 

"Digging For The Truth: 

The Lost Tribes Of Israel"

With Josh Bernstein

"Solomon's Mines"
With Josh Bernstein

Rescuing The Ethiopian Jews (The Beta Dan)

"Why Is Israel Banning Ethiopian Jews From Immigrating? DW

"Saving The Forgotten Jews"

BBC News

Black Jews In Africa

Nigeria's Jewish Community

Black Jews Of Zimbabwe/South Africa

Black Hebrew Israelite Theory In A Nutshell (IUIC Birmingham)

The Dangers Of Race Based Theology

Ethnic Gnosticism

Dr. Voddie Baucham

Cultural Marxism

Dr. Voddie Baucham

Columbus And The Hidden Jews Of Mexico?

Did The Jews Fund Columbus?

Levite Priest DNA in New Mexico?

The Crypto-Jews Of Spain 

Crypto-Jewish Interviews On PBS

"Who Are The Crypto-Jews"

Youtube Sensation Antoine Dodson (Time As A Hebrew Israelite)

Antoine Dodson Becomes Hebrew Israelite

Antoine Dodson On Leaving Hate Group

Hebrew Israelite Theory On Simeon, Levi, Gad, Naphtali And Asher

Simeon And Levi

Gad, Naphtali And Asher

The Lemba Jews Of Zimbabwe Speak (92Y Talks)

"The Bible Is Black History" Theory

Addressing Hebrew Israelite Theology

The Hebrew Israelite Theory


'Black Hebrew Israelites Refuted"

119 Ministries Documentary

Opposition To Two House Theory

Two House Problems

Messiah Matters Podcast

Two House Theory (Opposed)

Tim Hague Of Torah Resource

The Khazar Theory Debunked By History And Genetics

How Genetics Debunk Khazak Theory

Why Jews Are Not Khazar Converts

Torah Apologetics

Resource Articles And Library 

For Hebraic And Messianic Studies

Learn More

Written Resources

"Real Christianity"

By William Wilberforce, 

Edits By Bob Beltz

Order Resource 

"Kingdom Race Theology: God's Answer To 

Our Racial Crisis"

By Tony Evans

Order Resource

"Fault Lines: 

The Social Justice Movement And Evangelicalism's 

Looming Catastrophe"

By Voddie T. Baucham Jr.

Order Resource

"The Soul Of Judaism: 

Jews Of African Descent

In America 

(Religion, Race,

And Ethnicity)"

By Bruce D. Haynes

Order Resource 

"From Babylon To Timbuktu:

A History Of The 

Ancient Black Races

 Including The 

Black Hebrews"

By Rudolph Windsor

Order Resource 

"The Bible Is Black History"

By Dr. Theron D. Williams

Order Resource

"That's What The 

Old Ones Say: 

Pre: Colonial Revelations Of God To Native America"

By Chief Joseph Riverwind

Order Resource

"Hebrews In 

Ancient America"

James Trimm

Order Resource

"The Ten Tribes Of Israel: 

Or The True History Of The North American Indians, 

Showing That They Are 

The Descendants Of 

These Ten Tribes"

By Timothy Jenkins (1883)

Order Resource

"To The End Of The Earth:

 A History Of The Crypto-Jews Of New Mexico"

By Stanley Hordes

Order Resource 

"Out From Hiding: 

Discovering Hidden

 Jewish Roots 

Among Latinos" 

By Dell Sanchez

Order Resource 

"Jewish Conquistadors

 In The New World: 

The Early Years"

 By Juan Marcos

 Bejarano Gutierrez

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