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Psalm 16's 

Media Resources

Psalm 16 Ministry

Born For This Place In Time And Space

From one He made every nation of men to \

Live on the face of the earth, 

Having set appointed times and the 

Boundaries of their territory. 

They were to search for Him, and perhaps grope around for Him And find Him. Yet He is not far from each one of us, for ‘In Him We live and move and have our being.’

Acts Of The Emissaries Chapter 17 Verse 26

"12 Tribes T-Shirts"

Show Pride In Your Tribe

TV Worth Watching

"Let's Talk Shalom"

Books Worth Reading

See More Books

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

​Resources For Further Study

Lies And Identity

"Identity Crash Course" Dan Mohler

"Stop Believing Lies" Robert Morris

The Mystery Of Destiny (John Paul Jackson)

Is Social Media Harmful To Your Identity?

Social Media And Mental Health

How Social Media Makes Us Unsocial 

The Creator Had A Purpose For Yeshua So You Can Have A Purpose Too (Nathan Lance Gibson)

Where Is Your Family From? Theories From Genesis

Ephraim's Story

Nazarene Israel

Identity Crisis (Lost Tribes Theory)

Jim Staley

Resources For Seekers

Songs For The Journey

"I'm Not Who I Was" By Brandon Heath

"Hello My Name Is" By Matthew West

Songs For The Journey

Rise Up "Lazarus" (by Cain)

He Knows My Name

(by Francesca Battisetelli

Written Resources 

"Wild At Heart"

John Eldredge

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"Killing Lions: 

A Guide Through The Trial Young Men Face" 

John Eldredge

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"Fathered By God:

 Learning What 

Your Dad Could 

Never Teach You"

John Eldredge

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"Becoming Myself:
Embracing God's 

Dream Of You"

 Stasi Eldredge

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"No More 


 Nice Girl" 

Paul Coughlin 


Jennifer Degler 

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Unveiling The Mystery 

Of A Woman's Soul"

Stasi Eldredge

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"The Gifts Of Imperfection:

Let Go Of Who You Think You're Supposed To Be And Embrace Who You Are"

Brene Brown 

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"No More Christian

Nice Guy:

When Being Nice Instead Of Good Hurts Men, Women And Children"

Paul Caughlin

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"Know Your Ministry: 

Spiritual Gifts For 

Every Believer"

Marilyn Hickey And

Sarah Bowling

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