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Psalm 16's 

Media Resources

Psalm 16 Ministry

When Sleep Escapes You

The King’s Dream and Demand

In the second year of his reign, 

Nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams. 

His spirit was troubled and sleep escaped him.

The Prophet Daniel Chapter 2 Verse 1

Resources For Further Study

8 Hours Of The Psalms For Sleep (Abide)

Insomnia And Prayer Watches And Dreams 

Prayer Watches Of The Night

Insomnia Prevents Dreams

Spiritual Causes Of Insomnia

Night Terrors (Josh Hoffert)

Scripture And Insomnia

"Trusting God With Your Sleep"

By "Modern Day"

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Emotions And Highly Sensitive People And Sleep

The Gentle Power Of Highly Sensitive People 

(And Their Insomnia) TEDx

Emotions And Empaths

With Cole Davis

Insomnia And Over Active Mind

8 Strategies To Beat Insomnia 


Insomnia And High Intelligence


Bible Verses For Sleep

The Science Of Sleep And Insomnia

Medical Advice On Improving Sleep 

Dr. Oz (92Y)

How To Succeed? Get More Sleep 

Arianna Huffington (Ted Talk)

Find A Naturopath Or Herbalist

Reach Out

Songs For The Journey

'Hearing" by Sleeping At Last (1 Hour Version) 

'Saturn" by Sleeping At Last (1 Hour Version)

Written Resources

"The Sleep Revolution:

Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time"

Arianna Huffington

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"The Body Keeps

The Score: 

Brain, Mind, And Body

 In The Healing

Of Trauma"

Dr. Bessell Van Der Kolk

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"How To Interpret

 Dreams And Visions:

 Understanding God's Warnings And Guidance"

By Perry Stone

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Nutritional Supplements

Valerian Root

(Traditionally For Helping You Get To Sleep Faster)

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(Traditionally For Helping

 You Stay Sleep)

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(Traditionally For After-Meal Digestion And Pre-Sleep)

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