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Psalm 16's 

Media Resources

Psalm 16 Ministry

The Southern Kingdom

Judah, so you are—

Your brothers will praise you:

Your hand will be on your enemies’ neck.

Your father’s sons will bow down to you.

A lion’s cub is Judah—

From the prey, my son,

You have gone up.

He crouches, lies down like a lion,

Or like a lioness—

Who would rouse him?

The scepter will not pass from Judah,

Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet,

Until he to whom it belongs will come.

To him will be the obedience of the peoples.

Binding his foal to the vine,

His donkey’s colt to the choice vine,

He washes his garments in wine,

And in the blood of grapes his robe.

His eyes are darker than wine,

And teeth that are whiter than milk.

Genesis (In The Beginning) Chapter 49 Verse 8

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 Pro-Nomian Movement

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The 'Shalom To Your Heart" Project

Welcome to the "Shalom To Your Heart Project!

This virtual library is a collection of resources gathered by Brian "Asriel" Newman of Psalm 16 Ministry.

This virtual library is a way to point the learner to source materials for concepts, ideas and information about spiritual questions, personal growth and mental health topics that Brian has shared through the years. It is also a way to give credit to the original author of the concepts you may hear or the original musician is referencing songs. 

If you find the videos or articles helpful then consider ordering a book by the presenter or subscribing to their channel. All of which are linked at the page bottoms.

Check out Brian's weekly TV Show at "Let's Talk Shalom!"


Psalm 16 Ministry

Brian Newman

PO Box 671 Ooltewah, TN 37363

[email protected] 


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Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)


Are The Lost Tribes Israel Among Today's Jews?

Learn More

Discovering Jewish Surnames And Genetics

"Tracing Jewish Surnames" 

With Seed Of Israel

"Autosomal DNA Ancestry"

With DNA Consultants

The Khazar Theory Debunked By History And Genetics

How Genetics Debunk Khazak Theory

Why Jews Are Not Khazar Converts

Jewish Genetics Among Scots And Latinos

When Scotland Was Jewish?

Jewish Roots Among Latinos?

Black Jews In Africa

Nigeria's Jewish Community

Levites In Zimbabwe/South Africa?

Jews In Asia 

Israelites In Japan?

Manasseh In India? 

Jews In Arab And Other Middle Eastern Nations

The Lost Tribes: Pathans/Pashtun/Parthians

Quest For The Lost Tribes Documentaries


(Hidden Jewish Ancestry)

MyJewishLearning Article 

"Book Of Jewish And Crypto-Jewish Surnames"

(DNA Consultants Series On Consumer Genetics 3) 

By Donald Yates

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21st Century Hasidism

Leaving Ultra-Orthodoxy?

Types Of Jews And Judaism 

Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi Jews

Jewish Denominations: Rabbi John Carrier

Strictly Kosher (Understanding Jewish Culture)

Strictly Kosher: Episode 1

Strictly Kosher: Episode 2

Strictly Kosher (Understanding Jewish Culture)

Strictly Koher: Episode 3

Strictly Kosher (Jewish Culture)

Connect With "One For Israel"

Learn More

ONE For Israel (Understanding The Christian-Jewish Division)

Jesus Was Jewish!? (An Education For Christians)

"The Jesus I Never Knew"

By Beyond History

"The Jesus I Never Knew"
By Phillip Yancey

Rabbis Following Rabbi Yeshua Ben Yosef

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis 

Rabbi Kurt Schneider


Union Of Messianic 

Jewish Congregations

Learn More


Messianic Jewish 

Alliance Of America

Learn More

International Alliance 

Of Messianic Congregations And Synagogues

Learn More

Visit The Holy Land

Work And Learn By Picking Grapes

 (With HaYovel)

Israel Tours 

(With Wisdom In Torah)

Help Israel

International Fellowship Of 

Christians And Jews

Christians United For Israel

Mission and Purpose

Jewish Music 

Shema Yisrael (Set To Music)

Paul Wilbur

Shalom Song (For Shabbat)

By Joshua Aaron


"The Complete

 Jewish Bible"

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'The Aramaic English 

New Testament"

Learn More

"Jewish New 

Testament Commentary"

David Stern

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"The Menorah: 

From The Bible 

To Modern Israel"

By Steven Fine

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"A Family Guide To The Biblical Holidays:

 With Activities For All Ages"

By Robin Sampson

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"The Gifts Of The Jews: 

How A Tribe Of Desert Nomads Changed The Way Everyone Thinks And Feels (Hinges Of History Book 2)"

By Thomas Cahill

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"Out From Hiding: 

Evidences Of Sephardic Roots Among Latinos" 

By Dell Sanchez

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"When Scotland 

Was Jewish" 

By Donald Yates

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"The Jews Of Iberia: 

A Short History"

By Juan Marcos

 Bejarano Gutierrez

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"From Babylon 

To Timbuktu" 

Rudolph Windsor

Free Download

"The Jews In Old China"

Sindey Shapiro

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'The Biblical Hebrew 

Origin Of The 

Japanese People" 

Joseph Eidelberg

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"The Bible Jesus Read"

Phillip Yancey

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"The Jesus 

I Never Knew"

Phillip Yancey

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"The Cultural World Of Jesus" John Pilch

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A Guide To The 

Real Jesus And 

The Original Church"

Ron Mosely 

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"Understanding Paul"

James Trimm

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"They Loved The Torah: 

What Yeshua's First Disciples Really Thought 

About The Law"

David Friedrichs

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