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Kairos: Spirit Time 

But don’t forget this one thing, loved ones, that with The 

Lord one day is like a thousand years, 

And a thousand years are like one day.

2nd Letter Of Peter Chapter 3 Verse 8

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


The Creation Prophecy (119 Ministries)

Creation Timeline And Human History

 (Answers In Genesis)

Generosity And The New Humanity (The Bible Project)


The New Humanity

Sacred Time And Prayer 

3 A.M. (The Witching Hour?)

With Perry Stone

The 4th Watch (3 A.M. to 6 A.M.)

With Perry Stone

The Epoch View Of Time 

"The Creation Prophecy" By 119 Ministries

"End Of Days: Yahweh's 

Prophetic Calendar" With 119 Ministries 

"Time: Evening And Morning" With 119 Ministries 

"Time: Evening And Morning" Part 1

With 119 Ministries 

"Time: Evening And Morning" Part 2

With 119 Ministries

Time: Evening And The Sabbath

"Time: Evening and Morning" Part 3

With 119 Ministries 

"Time: The Timing Of The Sabbath"
With 119 Ministries 

"Time: The Creator's Calendar" Parts 1 And 2 

"Time: Our Creator's Calendar Part I"

With 119 Ministries 

"Time: Our Creator's Calendar Part 2"
With 119 Ministries 

Time And Sevens 

"Time: Our Creator's Calendar" Part 3

With 119 Ministries 

"The 9 Harbingers"

With Jonathan Cahn 

The 4 Blood Moons

"The Significance Of The Blood Moons"

With Mark Blitz 

"The Coming 4 Blood Moons"

With John Hagee

Dispensation Theory

'The Error Of Dispensationalism?"

By 119 Ministries 

'The Last Daze"

With 119 Ministries 

"Getting To Know The God Of Time And Space" By John Paul Jackson

Songs For Encouragement

'The God Of All My Days"

By Casting Crowns 

"Oh Glorious Day"
By Casting Crowns 

Written Resources

 "Chronicles Of The 

Sacred Mountain: 

Revealing The Mysteries Of Heaven's Past, Present 

And Future"

By Perry Stone

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"The Post Millennial Return: Why The Messiah Returns At The Millennium's End."

By Norman Willis

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 The Book Of Revelation Through Hebrew Eyes

 (Lost in Translation 2)

By Klein, Spears

And Christopher

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"Four Blood Moons: 

Something Is

 About To Change"

By John Hagee

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"Remembering The Sabbatical Years Of 2016: Breaking The Curses 

By Obedience

By Joseph Dumond"

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"The Harbinger: 

The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret

 To America's Future"

By Jonathan Cahn 

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"The Hebrew Yeshua

 Vs. The Greek Jesus"

By Nehemiah Gordon 

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"The Torah Calendar"

By Norman Willis

Free Download 

"2300 Days Of Hell: 

The Two Witnesses, Josephs 7 Years Of Plenty And 7 Years Of Famine'

By Joseph Dumond

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