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Separating Fact From Fiction

This testimony is true. For this reason rebuke them sharply, so They might be sound in the faith, not paying attention to Judaic Myths and commands of men 

Who turn away from the truth.

Epistle To Titus Chapter 1 Verse 13

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


What About The Apocrypha And Lost Books?

"What About The Lost Books Of The Bible? Michael Kruger

"What Is the Apocrypha?"
Southern Seminary

Bible Translations?

"Why Do We Have 

So Many Bible Translations?


"Dr. James White Interview On 

WatchTower Bible Translations

KJV Only?

'Is The KJV The Most Accurate Translation?" Southern Seminary

'KJV Only Controversy Explained"
James White 

Does The Bible Have Errors?

Is The Bible Inerrant Or Infallible?

Southern Seminary

Defending The Doctrine Of Inerrancy 

 By R.C. Sproul 

'The Truth About The BANNED Books Of The Bible" (Mike Winger)

Testing Jasher And Jubilees (With 119 Ministries)

The "Book Of Jasher" 119 Ministries

The "Book Of Jubilees" 119 Ministries

Hebraic Scholars Examine The Books Of Jasher And Enoch

A Scholarly Look At Jasher 

(Matt Nappier)

A Scholarly Look At Enoch

 (David Wilber)

The Book Of Enoch (Jewish Mythology)

Refuting The Book Of Enoch

(By )

Read Article 

Testing Serpent Seed Theory

Testing The Serpent Seed Doctrine

With 119 Ministries

The Mystery Of The Serpent Seed

With Perry Stone

Giants In The Bible?

"The Unheard Story Of David and Goliath" By Malcolm Gladwell 

"Who Were The Sons Of God In 

Genesis 6?" Southern Seminary 

Gnosticism Lecture: Dr. Michael Heiser

The "Gospels" Of Judas And Mary Magdalene

The Gospel Of Judas Frenzy

With Michael S. Heiser

Were Jesus And Mary Magdalene Married? 

With Michael S. Heiser

The Gnostic "Gospels"

New Testament Vs. Gnostic Gospels

Dr. Michael Heiser 

Michael Licona Vs. Elaine Pagels

Gospel Of Thomas

Gnostic Versions Of History

"The Lost Gospel" 

The Naked Archaeologist

The "Lost Voyage"

The Naked Archaeologist

The Gnosticism Behind "The Da Vinci Code"

'The Conspiracy Of Mary Magdalene"

History Timeline Documentary

"The Real Da Vinci Code" Documentary

With Tony Robinson 

Films On This Topic 

"Stigmata" Trailer 

"The DaVinci Code" Trailer 

Written Resources

"The King James 

Only Controversy"

By James White 

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"Kingdom Of The Cults"

By Walter Martin/

Ravvi Zacharies

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"Understanding Paul"

By James Trimm

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"Lost Christianities"

By Bart Erhman

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"The New Testament: 

A Historical Introduction To The Early Christian Writings, 4th Edition"

By Bart Ehrman

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"Beyond Belief: 

The Secret Gospel

Of Thomas"

By Elaine Pagels

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"The Ancient 

Book Of Jasher"

By Ken Johnson

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"The Ancient Book 

Of Jubilees"

By Ken Johnson

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"The Ancient Book 

Of Enoch"

By Ken Johnson

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"The Nag Hammadi Scriptures: 

The Revised And Updated Translation Of Sacred Gnostic Texts Complete 

In One Volume"


Of Thomas, Mary Magdalene And Judas)

By Marvin W. Meyer , James M. Robinson, Elaine H. Pagels 

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"The Dead Sea Scrolls"

by Michael Wise, Martin  Abegg Jr., Edward Cook

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"Lost Books Of The Bible And The Forgotten 

Books Of Eden"

By Thomas Nelson

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