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A Man After The King's Own Heart

After removing him, He raised up 

David to be their king. 

He also testified about him and said,

 ‘I have found David, the son of Jesse, 

A man after My heart, who will do My will.’

Acts Of The Apostles Chapter 13 Verse 22

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Hebrew Hearts: Just Being Men (Facebook Group)

Hebrew Hearts: Just Being Men

Hebrew Hearts: Just Being Men


"Living In A Father's Paradise"

"Wild At Heart"
Podcast (John Eldredge)

Listen Here

"I Think God Designed Me As A Mandalorian"

CrossRoads Church

Read Article

Wounding And Gender

"The Mother Wound"

"The Father Wound"

Keys To Healing The Masculine Soul With Dan Allender

Killing Lions Series: With John And Sam Eldredge

Killing Lions: The Purpose

Part 1: Going Soft

Killing Lions Series: With John And Sam Eldredge

Part 2: Looking For Answers

Part 3: The Right Decision

Killing Lions Series: With John And Sam Eldredge

Part 4: Older Guys

Part 5: Pain Is Not Your Biggest Enemy

Killing Lions Series: With John And Sam Eldredge

Part 6: Women

Part 7: Money

Killing Lions Series: With John And Sam Eldredge

Part 8: Work Vs. Dreams 

Part 9: Searching For Validation

Killing Lions Series: With John And Sam Eldredge

Part 10: The Friendship Of Other Men

Part 11: Living With Courage 

Killing Lions Series: With John And Sam Eldredge

Killing Lions: John And Sam Eldredge

Manning Up To Your Manhood: Eldredge

Want To Lead? Follow!

Training And Healing 

"Godly Men Of Valor" 

Training Events

'Ransomed Heart Ranch" 


Success Of The "Dad, How Do I?" Youtube Channel

"Dad, How Do I?" Youtube Channel

Check The Oil In My Car?

Change A Flat Tire?

Voices For Our Generation

Jason Wilson ("Cry Like A Man" Author)

Sam Bracken (" My Orange Duffel Bag" Author)

His Only Son Trailer (The Story Of Abraham: Father Of Fathers)

Motivational Speeches For Men

Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa Motivation - Motivational Speech

Matthew McConaughey - 

This Is Why You're Not Happy | 

One Of The Most Eye Opening Speeches

Free Burma Rangers (Navy Seal David Eubank)

Free Burma Rangers (Documentary)

David Eubank (Interview)

The Machine Gun Preacher (Pastor Sam Childers)

Machine Gun Preacher (Trailer)

Sam Childers (Documentary)

Abolitionist (William Wilberforce)

"Amazing Grace" (Trailer)

William Wilberforce (Documentary)

Hacksaw Ridge (Private Desmond Doss)

Hacksaw Ridge (Trailer)

Desmond Doss (Documentary)

Sgt. Alvin C. York (World War I Hero)

Sergeant York (1941 Movie)

Sgt. York Presentation (Douglas Mastriano)

Louis Zamperinni (P.O.W. And Olympiad)

Unbroken (Trailer)

Louis Zamperini (Interviews)

Films To Encourage

"Courageous' Trailer

"Fireproof" Trailer

Films To Encourage

"Rocky Balboa" 

"The Patriot" Trailer

Lessons From Peaceful Warrior (Film)

Songs For Courage

"What's A Boy To Do" By Mat Kearney

"Lead Me" By Sanctus Real

Songs For Courage

"Courageous" By Casting Crowns

"I Need A Miracle" By Third Day

Songs For Courage

"I Do It For You" Keith Urban

"You've Got To Stand For Something"Aaron Tippin

Written Resources

"The Men We Need:
God's Plan For The Manly Man, The Avid Indoorsman, And Any Man Willing To Show Up"

Brant Hansen

Order Resource

"Playing God:
Redeeming The Gift Of Power"
Andy Couch

Order Resource

"Another Man's War: 

The True Story Of One Man's Battle To Save 

Children In The Sudan"

Sam Childers

Order Resource 


How To Be A Better Man-

Or Just

 Live with One"

Terry Crews

Order Resource 

"Do This For Love: 

Free Burma Rangers In The Battle Of Mosul"

David Eubank

Order Resource 

"Wild At Heart"

John Eldredge

Order Resource

"Killing Lions: 

A Guide Through The Trial Young Men Face" 

John Eldredge

And Sam Eldredge

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"Fathered By God: 

Learning What 

Your Dad Could 

Never Teach You"

John Eldredge

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"Cry Like A Man: 

Fighting For Freedom From Emotional Incarceration"

Jason Wilson

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"My Orange Duffel Bag"
Sam Bracken

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"The Way Of The Wild Heart: 

A Map For The 

Masculine Journey"

John Eldredge

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"The Wisdom

Of Tenderness"

Brennan Manning

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"No More 

Christian Nice Guy" 

Paul Laughlin

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"The Wounded Heart: 

Hope For Childhood Victims Of  Sexual Abuse"

Dan Allender And

 Karen Lee-Thorp

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