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Snapshot Of Rabbi Yeshua Of Nazareth

Yeshua was going throughout all the Galilee, 

Teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming 

The Good News of the kingdom, and healing every 

Kind of disease and sickness among the people.

Gospel Of Matthew Chapter 4 Verse 23

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16 

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Chosen People 

Learn More About 

Chosen People

One For Israel

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One For Israel

First Fruits Of Zion

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Torah Club

Places To Heal

Healing Room Model And Celebrate Recovery Model

Healing Rooms

Healing Rooms are locations across the Country where you can book an appointment to be prayed over for Physical and Emotional Healing and to break Generational Curses individually. Healing Rooms often meet in local Congregations 

(Find a Healing Room HERE).

Celebrate Recovery 

Celebrate Recovery is a Faith Based 12 Step that meets in locations across the Country. Unlike most 12 Steps they cover far more than Chemical Addictions. Celebrate Recovery supports those going through any kind of hurt, hang up or struggle from Co-Dependency to Anorexia to Divorce to Alcoholism. Celebrate Recovery meetings usually take place on a weeknight in a local House of Worship and have a meal followed by a short service to make announcements and hand out Step Chips. They then divide into small groups based on Gender and also recovery group (Addiction Issues or Emotional Issues). Then regroup for dessert and for fellowship. Child Care is most often provided and the meal is low cost. 

(Find a Healing Room HERE.)

Focus On The Family

Access Resources From

Focus On The Family

The Hope Line

Contact The HopeLine

Churches Care

Find Help From 

Local Ministers


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Kehillat Yeshua 


Learn More 

About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

Who Is Yeshua Of Nazareth?

("Passion Of The Christ" by Billy Graham/

Alpha And Omega Productions)

The Chosen Series (Episodes 1 and 4)

Episodes 1 and 2

Episodes 3 and 4

The Chosen Series (Episodes 5-8)

Episodes 5 and 6

Episodes 7 and 8

Successful Israelis Talk About Maschiach

Israel's Top Scientist Talks About Messiah

Israeli Scientist Talks About Messiah

Who Was This Yeshua (Jesus) Historically And In Personality?

'More Than A Carpenter" Series Pt. 1

Josh McDowell (On The Jesus of History)

"Beautiful Outlaw" Series Pt. 2

John Eldredge (On The Personality Of Jesus)

Messiah: The Angel Of The Lord And Melchizedek?

Who Is The Angel Of The Lord?

By Mike Winger

Jesus And Melchizedek?

By Mike Winger

"The Life Of Jesus" Film

Songs For Encouragement

"People Get Ready" Misty Edwards

"What A Beautiful Name" Hillsong

Written Resources 

'Yeshua, A Guide 

To The Real Jesus And The Original Church"

Ron Mosely

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"More Than A Carpenter"

Josh McDowell

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"King Of The Jews"

 Thomas Lancaster

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"The Jesus I Never Knew" 

Phillip Yancey

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"Sitting At The Feet 

Of Rabbi Jesus" 

Ann Spangler 

And Lois Tverberg

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"Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing The Playful, Disruptive And Extravagant 

Personality Of Jesus" 

John Eldredge 

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