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Yeshua Before The Manger

We have this hope as an anchor of the soul, both firm 

And steady—a hope that enters the 

Inner place behind the curtain. 

Yeshua has entered there as a forerunner on our behalf, 

Having become Kohen Gadol “forever, a

According to the 

Order of Melchizedek.”

Letter To The Hebrews/Messianic Jews

 Chapter 6 Verse 19-20

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

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Chosen People 

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Chosen People

One For Israel

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One For Israel

First Fruits Of Zion

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Torah Club


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Kehillat Yeshua 


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About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

"What Makes Jesus Unique Among The Sons Of God?" 

Dr. Michael Heiser

Resurrection In The Tanakh

(Tony Robinson)

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"His Only Son" Movie Trailer 

Sacrifice, Atonement And Messiah (The Bible Project)

'The Bible Project: Sacrifice And Atonement"

"The Bible Project: The Test"

The Messiah And The Angel Of The Lord

Angel Of The Lord (The Bible Project)

Messiah (The Bible Project)

Finding Jesus In The Old Testament 

"Finding Jesus In The Old Testament"
Dr. Michael Brown Part 1 

"Finding Jesus In The Old Testament"

Dr. Michael Brown Part 2

Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled By Chance? 

"Jesus Fulfilled 300 Prophecies"

Josh McDowell 

"The Probability Of Just 8 Prophecies Being Fulfilled" Josh McDowell

Messiah In Genesis 5

"The Messiah In Genesis 5"

119 Ministries 

'Hidden Messages In Genesis"

Dr. Chuck Missler

Dr. Brown Debates With Rabbi Asher Meza About Yeshua In Isaiah 53

Yeshua In The Old Testament/Tanakh Series (By Mike Winger)

The Point Of The Bible

Jesus And Adam

The Bronze Serpent And Angel Of The Lord 

The Bronze Serpent

The Angel Of The Lord 

Yeshua Interacting With The Patriarchs

Christophany Passages 

Is Melech Zadok Also Yeshua?

Yeshua And Yoseph 

Yeshua All Over The Old Testament 

Yoseph The Slave

Yeshua And Moses

The Hall Of Types And The Book Of Hebrews

King David And The Tabernacle 

King David As A Type Of Yeshua

How The Tabernacles Is Like Yeshua

Abuses Of Typology And Yeshua In The Book Of Judges

Yeshua And Leviticus

High Priest And The Self-Identity Of Yeshua 

Yeshua In The Spring And Fall Feasts

Yeshua In The Passover And Resurrection 

Jesus's Resurrection Predicted

Passover As Prophecy

"The Son Of Man" The Bible Project

The Melchizadok Priesthood

Read Articles By Nazarene Israel 

Views Of Melchizedek

Dr. Michael Heiser On Melchizedek

(Full Podcast)

Who Was Melchizedek?

With Dr. Chuck Missler

The Royal Priesthood

"Hebrew Word Of The Day: Royalty"

Teshuvah University

"Its The Time Of The New Order"
Teshuvah University

Conflicting Melchizedek Theories

Conflicting Melchizedek Doctrines

Matthew Nolan 

Conflicting Melchizedek Doctrines

Southern Seminary

Melech Zadok 

In The Books Of Genesis And Hebrews

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Songs For Encouragement

"Lover" Derek Webb

"God Of All My Days" Casting Crowns

Written Resources

"Seeing Christ In 

The Old Testament" 

By Ervin Hershberger 

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"Types Of The Tabernacle 

And Temple: 

Two Books In One"

By Thomas Newberry

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"Finding Jesus

In the Exodus:

Christ In Israel's Journey 

From Slavery To 

The Promised Land"

By Nicholas Perrin

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"The Tabernacle:

 Shadows Of The Messiah

 (Its Sacrifices, Services, 

And Priesthood)"

By David M. Levy

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"Seeing Christ 

In The Tabernacle"

Ervin N. Hershberger

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"Garments For Glory: 

Pictures Of Christ In Israel's High Priest Of The Old Testament Tabernacle 

And Temple

Garments For Glory: 

Pictures Of Christ In Israel's High Priest Of The Old Testament Tabernacle 

And Temple"

By Andy McIlree 

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"A Christian Guide To 

The Biblical Feasts" 

By David Wilber 

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"Celebrating Jesus In 

The Biblical Feasts"

Dr. Richard Booker

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"Christ In The Passover"

Pamphlet By Rose Publishing

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"Answering Jewish Objections To Jesus: General And Historical Objections, Vol. 1"

By Dr. Michael Brown

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"Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: Messianic Prophecy Objections, Vol. 3"

Dr. Michael Brown

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"Answering Jewish 

Objections To Jesus: 

Full Series"

By Dr. Michael Brown 

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"The Order Of Melchizedek: Rediscovering The Eternal Royal Priesthood

 Of Jesus Christ

 (The Order Of Melchizedek Chronicles Book 2)

By Francis Myles

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"The Book Of Jasher"

By Ken Cook 

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"Torah Government"
By Norman Willis

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