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The Good News Of The Kingdom

This Good News of the kingdom shall be proclaimed 

In the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, 

And then the end will come.

The Testimony Of Matthew Chapter 24 Verse 14

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Testimonies And Other Resources

Chosen People 

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Chosen People

One For Israel

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One For Israel

First Fruits Of Zion

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Torah Club


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Kehillat Yeshua 


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About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

"His Only Son" Movie Trailer ‚Äč

Sacrifice And Covenant

"Sacrifice And Atonement" The Bible Project

"The Sacrifices Of Leviticus" Mike Winger

One For Israel Ministry

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Successful Israelis Talk About Maschiach

Israel's Top Scientist Talks About Messiah

Israeli Scientist Talks About Messiah

American Rabbis Talk About Messiah

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Talks About Messiah

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis Talks About Messiah

 Jews From Different Walks Of Life Talk About Messiah

Jewish Millionaire Talks About Messiah

Jewish Bodybuilder Talks About Messiah

Educated Jews Talk About Messiah

Jewish Professor Talks About Messiah

Jewish Rabbi Committed 

For Talking About Messiah

Jewish Men Find A Healing Messiah In The Tanakh

Iranian Jew Talks About Messiah Healing

Jewish Man Finding Messiah In The Tanakh

Jewish Women Redeemed By Messiah

Jewish Musician Talks About Messiah Freeing Her From Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Jewish Mystic Talks About Messiah Freeing Her From Demonic Possession

Jewish Women Find Messiah

Jewish Woman Who Sought 

Hinduism/Buddhism Talks About Messiah

Orthodox Jewish Women Talks About Messiah

Blessed Are The Peace Makers (Testimonies)

Restored Israeli-Arab Relations

Restored Christian-Jewish Relations

When Christians Were Jews: 

The Surprising Beliefs Of The First Christians 

Sid Roth's Testimony

Jewish Man Delivered From The Demonic

Out Of The Outer Darkness To Find Messiah 

Former Satanist Priest-John Ramirez

Former Head Witch-Johanna Michaelson

Out Of Confusion To True Faith In Messiah 

Out Of A False Holy Spirit To Find Yeshua

From False Conversion To True Faith 

Out Of The West To Find Messiah 

Baptist Pastor Finds The Jewish Messiah

Catholic Congregant Finds The Jewish Messiah

Out Of The West To Find Messiah 

Former Mormon Finds Messiah

Former Jehovah's Witness Finds Messiah

Native Americans Find Messiah 

Native Americans Purified In The Jordan

Native American Ambassadors To Israel

Out Of The Middle East To Find Messiah

Egyptian Becomes Famous Pastor 

Muslim Comes To Find The Real Yeshua

Out Of The Middle East To Find Messiah

Jewish Rabbi Finds Jewish Messiah

Rabbi Keduri Reveals The Messiah?

Out Of The Far East To Find Messiah

A Buddhist Finds Yeshua

A Hindu Rishi Finds Yeshua 

Out Of The Far East To Messiah 

Buddhist Monk Finds Yeshua 

Sikh Finds Yeshua And Becomes Pastor

Arabic Language Resources

12 Ordinary (Middle Eastern) Men (In Arabic)

The Jesus Film (In Arabic)

The Jesus (Yeshua-Isa) Film

Songs For Encouragement

"Someone Worth Dying For" 

Mike's Chair

"How Can It Be?"

 Lauren Daigle

Hebraic Music For Encouragement

Shema Israel (Paul Wilbur)

Shabbat Shalom Song (Joshua Aaron)

Written Resources 

"Mishnah And The Words

 Of Jesus"

Dr. Roy Blizzard

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"Jewish New Testament Commentary"

David Stern

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"Complete Jewish Bible"

Translated By David Stern

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"The Hebrew Yeshua Vs.

 The Greek Jesus"

Nehemiah Gordon

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"Is Jesus Kosher For Jews?"

Doug Batchelor, 

Steve Wohlberg

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'Answering Jewish

 Objections To Jesus" 

(All 5 Volumes Free 

On Kindle)

Dr. Michael Brown

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"Jesus Among Other Gods"

Ravvi Zacharias

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"Seeking Allah 

Finding Jesus"

Nabeel Qureshi 

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"They Thought 

For Themselves:

Ten Amazing Jews"

Sid Roth

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