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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16 

Books And Articles

Legends About Naphtali

The Poets Of Israel 

Deuteronomy 33: Tree Of Life Version

Naphtali In The Land

For Naphtali he said,

‘O Naphtali, satisfied with favor

And full of the 

Blessing of Adonai,

Possess the sea and the south.’

Genesis 49: Tree Of Life Version

Naphtali In The Last Days 

Naphtali is a doe let loose,

Who offers words of beauty.

Resources For Further Study On Naphtali

Napthali In History

Jewish Encyclopedia

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Naphtali In Typology


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Naphtali In Legend

Hebrew Nations

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Personality Of The Tribe Of Naphtali (Light House Church Of All Nations)

The Tribe Called To Teach Beautiful Words

Remnants Of Naphtali In The Middle East And Asia

The Ephtali Of Eurasia

The Naphtalites In Parthia 

Written Resources 

"Undiscovered Treasure: 

The Untold Secret Of Ephraim And Manasseh"

Told by Cheryl Gesing and Tiffany Schmigotzki

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"When Scotland

 Was Jewish"

By Donald Yates

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"The Lost Ten Tribes

 Of Israel Found"

By Stephen Collins

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"The Tribes:

The Israelite Origin 

Of Western People"

Yair Davidy

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The Hebrew Identity 

Of Celtic Races"
By Yair Davidy

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The Gentile Children 

Of Israel"

By Yair Davidy

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"From Babylon 

To Timbuktu" 

by Rudolph Windsor

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"The Jews In Old China"

by Sindey Shapiro

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"Hebrews In 

Ancient America

by James Trimm

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