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Psalm 16's 

Media Resources

Psalm 16 Ministry

First Nations And The Hebrew Nation

For the king had a Tarshish fleet at sea with Hiram’s fleet; Once Every three years the Tarshish fleet came, 

Bringing gold, silver, ivory, apes and peacocks.

First Book Of Kings Chapter 10 Verse 22

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Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship

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About The

 Pro-Nomian Movement

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The 'Shalom To Your Heart" Project

Welcome to the "Shalom To Your Heart Project!

This virtual library is a collection of resources gathered by Brian "Asriel" Newman of Psalm 16 Ministry.

This virtual library is a way to point the learner to source materials for concepts, ideas and information about spiritual questions, personal growth and mental health topics that Brian has shared through the years. It is also a way to give credit to the original author of the concepts you may hear or the original musician is referencing songs. 

If you find the videos or articles helpful then consider ordering a book by the presenter or subscribing to their channel. All of which are linked at the page bottoms.

Check out Brian's weekly TV Show at "Let's Talk Shalom!"


Psalm 16 Ministry

Brian Newman

PO Box 671 Ooltewah, TN 37363

[email protected] 


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Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

First Nations Hebrews

(A Hebrew Hearts Group 

For Believers With Native Blood)

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Cherokee Culture And Languages

Cherokee Heritage Center

(Cherokee Clothing)

First Language

(The Race To Save Cherokee)

Native Americans And The End-Times

"The Cherokee Link To The End Time Outpouring" With Perry Stone

First Nations Lunch

With Holocaust Survivors 

Israelite Artifacts In Native American Territories?

The Los Lunes Ten Commandments

The Bat Creek Stone

Hebrew Roots In The Native Americans

'The Secret History Of Native Americans' 

With The Riverwinds

"Why Are Native Americans Starting To 

Keep Torah?" With The Riverwinds 

Native American Outreaches 

The Riverwinds

Joseph Riverwind is Peace Chief of the Taino-Arawak Nation in Florida and Puerto Rico while his wife Dr. Laralyn River is a Representative for the Cherokee and Creek Peoples. Both are Musicians and Laralyn is also a Dr. of Naturopathy and  a Master Herbalist. 

Visit Their Page for Interviews and Music

Indigenous Messengers International

Indigenous Messengers International was founded by Dr. Suuqina of the Intuit Nation of Alaska and the North Pole. His website is full of Teachings. Dr. Suuqina's Book "Two Winter" is an Apocalyptic Novel based on a prophecy given through an Intuit Believer over a century ago about the return of the Messiah after a "year with two winters" (an ecological disaster).

Visit Their Page. 

Interviews With The Riverwinds And Dr. Suuqina

"Gatekeepers Of God's Holy Mtn"

Riverwinds (Taino-Cherokee) Interview

"Dr. Suuqina - Indigenous Messengers"

Inuit Interview

Healing Native American Hearts

The Responsibility To Teach Others

Indigenous Messengers

Two Wolves Fight To Be Chief

The Riverwinds

Release-Forgiveness And The Native Americans

"First Nations Release Of Forgiveness"
With Taino-Arawak First Contact Tribes

"Meeting The Native Americans"

With Recie Saunders

The Machine Gun Preacher (Cherokee Sam Childers)

The Machine Gun Preacher-Documentary

Machine Gun Preacher At Biker Church

Robby Cummings is a Native American Traveling Musician from the Cherokee Nation available for Events and Concerts. 

Robby Cummings

Dr. Laralyn Riverwind is a Cherokee-Hebrew Doctor of Naturopathy and a Master Herbalist in Tennessee with FireKeepers International

Laralyn Riverwind

Justin McCullough is a Native American Graphic Artist who makes Logos, Album Covers, Book Covers and other 

Digital Media  

Justin McCullough

First Nations Orphanage

Deanna Taylor is raising funds for a 

Culturally Appropriate Center for Native Foster Care Children.

"St. Mark's Episcopal Church building in Creighton NE for $10,000. We need a grant to buy the building- insure it for a year and replace the furnace and add AC.... 

Just paint and minor repairs- 

otherwise solid stone foundation and had a new roof last year. 

This location is near the Ponca Headquarters and the Santee reservation.... (within a half hour) and is one hour fifteen minutes to the Winnebago and Omaha reservations." Deanna Taylor 

Contact Deanna

Films For Study

"Smoke Signals" 

"Dances With Wolves"

Films For Study

"The Last Of The Mohicans" Trailer 

"Hostiles" Trailer 

Native Musicians 

"Our Kiss To Israel" Song Of Repentance

With The Riverwinds

"Will You Wait On Me" 

With Robby Cummings

Native Musicians

Native American Winner Of "The Voice"

Grammy Award Winner Robby Cummings

Written Resources 

The Machine Gun Preacher Documentary

Order Resource

"Out Of The Flame: 

Cherokee Beliefs And Practices Of The Ancients"

By James Adair

Order Resource

"Two Winters"
Native American 

Apocalyptic Novel

Order Resource

"The Ten Tribes Of Israel: 

Or The True History 

Of The North 

American Indians, 

Showing That They Are

 The Descendants Of 

These Ten Tribes"

By Timothy Jenkins (1883)

Order Resource

"That's What The

 Old Ones Say: 

Pre-Colonial Revelations Of God To Native America"

Chief Joseph And 

Dr. Laralyn Riverwind

Order Resource 

"One Church, Many Tribes"

By Richard Twiss

Order Resource 

'Hebrews In 

Ancient America"

James Trimm

Order Resource 

"Thats What The Old Ones Say: Pre-Colonial Revelations Of God To Native America"

Chief Joseph Riverwind

Order Resource 

"What Is So Great 

About Christianity?"

By D'nesh D'Souza

Order Resource 

"The Lost Ten Tribes Of 

Israel Found"

By Steven Collins

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