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The Spirit And The Spectrum

People were completely astounded, saying, 

“He has done all things well. 

He makes even the deaf hear and the mute speak!”

Gospel Of Mark Chapter 7 Verse 37

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

"YHVH's Families With Special Needs"

Join Group

Life Coach Keely Daniels

(Dream Helper Network)

Reach Out For Help!


Rising Above Ministry

(An Equipping Ministry For Churches

To Service Those With Disabilities)

"Rising Above believes every life is wonderfully made, And that God creates everyone with a 

Plan and a purpose to glorify Him. 

Our mission is to bring the love of God and hope in Christ to special needs families through support, Encouragement, inspiration, and community."

Reach Out

Mindful Voices Autism Consulting 

(Not Connected To The Dream Helper Coaching)

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The Caregiver Space

(Care Giver Supports)

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Katie Beckett Waiver

And Other Waivers

(For Disabled Children)

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Medicaid Waiver

Programs Listed

By State

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Autism The 

Hunter-Gatherer Gene?

(Science Daily)

Learn More

ADHD And The 

Return Of The Hunter

Learn More

Where The Hunter Gatherer Theory Of ADD

Breaks Down?

Learn More

Big Feelings Bigger Promises Pillow

Order Or Learn More

ADHD The Hunter Gene?

Is ADHD The Hunter Gene?

AJB Counseling

The ADHD Advantage?

Distraction Podcast

A Messianic Minister Writes About Life With Asperger's

Read Short Biography

Employment And Disabilities

"Portia Wants A Job: Living 

With Learning Disabilities"

"Empowering Employees With Disabilities" VOA 

Benefits To Business Owners 

"Business Owners Benefit By 

Hiring People With Disabilities" 

"Project Search: New Pathways 

For People With Disabilities" VCU 

Empathic And Highly Sensitive

Emotions And Empaths

The Highly Sensitive Person

"8 Intelligences Theory"

"8 Intelligences Theory" Explained

"Multiple Intelligences Theory"

Strengths Of Highly Sensitive People

The Gentle Power Of 

Highly Sensitive People

10 Strengths Of 

Highly Sensitive People

Autism Assessment

"Early Signs Of Autism"

"High Functioning Autism"

Radio Host Brant Hanson On His Life With Aspergers

Brant Hanson On His Life With Asperger

Brant Hanson On Socially Awkward

Ministers On The Spectrum

Perry Stone On Life With Aspergers

"I Am Strong" Autistic Pastor

Opposing Views

"The Vaccine Debate" 60 Minutes Australia 

Bill Gates (Vaccine Advocate)

Joy And Coping For Caregivers

The CareGiver Space

Joy For Special Needs Parents

The Purple Promise Shop

(Supports A Special Needs Family OF 7)

Shop Here 

Autism Speaks

(Autism Support)

Find Support

The Arc


 Disabilities Support)

Learn More

Autism Service Dogs

Learn More

Films For Understanding

"Temple Grandin" Trailer

"Top 20 Autism Movies Of All Time"

Films For Understanding

Superhuman Geniuses Documentary

"The Accountant' Trailer

Written Resources

"Eight Intelligences Theory"

By Howard Gardner 

Order Resource 

"The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies 

Are Harming Our Young Men"

Christina Hoff Summers

Order Resource

"The Highly 

Sensitive Person" 

By Elaine Aarons

Order Resource

"The Highly Sensitive Parent: Be Brilliant In Your Role, 

Even When The World Overwhelms You"

 By Elaine Aaron

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"The Highly Sensitive Child" By Elaine Aaron

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"If I Could Talk"

By Lily Petit

Order Resource 

"Common Man 

Extraordinary Call: 

Thriving As The 

Dad Of A Child 

With Special Needs"

Jeff And Becky Davidson

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"Blessed Are the Misfits: Great News for Believers who are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They're Missing Something"

By Brant Hansen

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"Don't Squeeze The Spaceman's Taco: 

Lessons Learned From 

My Son With Autism"

Kelly Jude Melerine

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"Occupational Therapy Activities For Kids: 

100 Fun Games And Exercises To Build Skills"

 Heather Ajzenman

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"Uniquely Human: 

A Different Way Of 

Seeing Autism"

 Barry M. Prizant 

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Tangible Resources

Weighted Blankets

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Black Out Curtains

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Compression Vests

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