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One House Theory

Now Anna, a daughter of Phanuel of the tribe of Asher, 

Was a prophetess. She was well advanced in age, 

Having lived with a husband only seven years

The Gospel Of Luke Chapter 2 Verse 36

Psalm 16 

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Resources For Further Study

History Of The Israelite Dispersion ("Jewish Voice" With Jonathan Bernis)

The Lost Tribes (Jewish Voice)

The Lost Tribes Part 1

The Lost Tribes Part 2

The Lost Tribes (Jewish Voice)

The Lost Tribes Part 3

Hispanic Roots Among Latinos

DNA Consultants And European Jewish DNA

Tracing The Tribes In Archaeology And History

The Tribes In History

The Tribes In Parthia 

Jewish DNA Testing And Blood Types

DNA Test For Judah

(The Kings)

DNA Consultants

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Levi DNA Theory

(The Priests)

Chabad Article 

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Rh Negative Blood Type

(The Lost Tribes)

Rhesus Negative Theory

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The One House Opposition To Two House

Torah Resource Podcast

Caleb Hegg Podcast

The Khazar Theory Debunked By History And Genetics

How Genetics Debunk Khazak Theory

Why Jews Are Not Khazar Converts

Torah Apologetics

Resource Articles And Library 

For Hebraic And Messianic Studies

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Written Resources

"The Soul of Judaism: 

Jews of African Descent

In America 

(Religion, Race,

And Ethnicity)"

By Bruce D. Haynes

Order Resource 

"When Scotland

 Was Jewish"

By Donald Yates

Order Resource 

"Out From Hiding:

Evidences Of Sephardic Roots Among Latinos"

By Dr. Dell Sanchez

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