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The Creator's Instructions For Parents

 “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love Adonai Your God with all your heart and with all Your soul and with all Your strength. These words, 

Which I am commanding you today, 

Are to be on your Heart. 

You are to teach them diligently to your children, 

And speak of them when you sit in your House, 

When you walk by the way, 

When you lie down and when you rise up.

Deuteronomy Chapter 6 Verses 4-7

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Trauma Specialist Keely Daniels

(Dream Helper Network)

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Relationship Coach

Annalisa O'Toole

(Dream Helper Network)

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Very Well Family

(Nutrition And Wellness For Kids And Families)

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"Raising A Family In Torah"

Facebook Group

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"The Dad Life" Comedic Video

Spirits That Battle Your Children 

Breaking That Spirits That Are 

Battling Your Children

Prayers To Bring Deliverance 

To Your Children

Parenting Teens Toward Adulthood

"Parenting Teens Towards Adulthood"

Dr. Ken Wilgus Part 1

"Parenting Teens Towards Adulthood"

Dr. Ken Wilgus Part 2

"How Birth Order Affects Your Parenting" Dr. Kevin Leman And Sally Dunn

"Anger  Management For Parents" Live On Purpose TV

"Live On Purpose"

"How To Handle Parental Alienation"

"Co-Parenting With A Controlling Ex"

Tough Moments With Today's Adolescents

"When Your Children Have An Addiction"

Perry Stone And Daughter Amanda Stone

"When Your Child Believes They Are Gay"

Q And A With Alan Parr

"ReWilding The American Boy"

Read Article 

Dad's Don't Matter?

"Why Doesn't Dad Want Me?" Dad Talk Today

"An Apology To Dad's" Kristina Kuzmic

"Understanding Your Son's Need For Respect"

'Understanding Your Son's Need For Respect" 1

Emerson Eggerichs

'Understanding Your Sons Need For Respect" 2

Emerson Eggerichs

'Navigating A Toxic Culture With Your Daughter" (Focus On The Family)

Dangerous Theologies In Parenting: Relatable Podcast

Father And Mother Wounds

The Father Effect 

The Mother Wound 

Defining Masculinity And It's Power-Jason Wilson

How To Respond When Your Son Cries

Jason Wilson

Control Your Anger

Jason Wilson

The Father's Blessing And A Busy Father

Ruth Graham 

On Forgiving a Busy Father

Giving The Father's Blessing 

John Paul Jackson

Focus On The Family 
(The Hub For Parenting Resources)

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Raising Men In A Modern World 

"Searching For Validation"

John Eldredge

"Trials Young Men Face"

John Eldredge

Raising Women In A Modern World (Focus On The Family)

"Raising Daughters In God's Wisdom"

Patricia Schirer

'Helping Daughters 

To become Confident"

Hope For Prodigals

"Hope For Prodigal Children"

With Greg Laurie

"What To Do About Prodigal Children"

With Greg Laurie 

Spirit-Led Parenting​

"No Sleepover"

With Recie Saunders

"God Will Always Provide"

With Recie Saunders

Spirit-Led Parenting Of Teenagers

Our Issues And God's Plan

For Our Teenagers (Recie Saunders)

The Way Of An Eagle In Parenting

Ron Phillips

Straight Talk On Parenting

Balance And Chaos In Parenting 

I Was The Perfect Mom-Before I had Kids

Spiritual Battles In Parenting

"Battle For The First-Born"

"Building A Divine Hedge Of Protection"

What Annoys You About Your Children May Be Their Gifting Coming Out

Boundaries With Adult Children 

Parenting Your Adult Child 

With Focus On The Family

Boundaries With Your Adult Children

With Henry Cloud And John Townsend

Entitlement And Leadership (Cloud And Townsend)

The Entitlement Cure

Boundaries In Leadership

Parenting Today's Teen

"Parenting Today's Teen" 

Mark Gregston

"Communicating With Your Teen"
Mark Gregston

Joy And Coping For Caregivers

The CareGiver Space

Joy For Special Needs Parents

Songs For The Parenting Journey 

"Keep It Between The Lines" 

By Ricky Van Shelton

"Lead Me" 

By Sanctus Real 

Songs For The Parenting Journey

"Lord I Lift My Friend To You"
Casting Crowns

""Talking To Jesus"

Elevation Worship And Maverick City

Written Resources

"No More Christian Nice Girl:

When Just Being Nice-

Instead Of Good

-Hurts You, Your Family, 

And Your Friends"

Paul Coughlin And 

Jennifer Degler

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"No More Christian Nice Guy:

When Being Nice-

Instead Of Good-

Hurts Men, Women, 

And Children"

Paul Coughlin

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"Free Us From Bullying"

Real Solutions Beyond
Being Nice"

Paul Coughlin

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"Purging Your House, 

Pruning Your

 Family Tree"

by Perry Stone

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"Coping Skills For

 Kid's Workbook"

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"Body Boundaries: 

Consent And Respect"

by Jayneen Sanders

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"The New

 Strong Willed Child"

by James Dobson

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How To Be A Better Man, 

Or Just Live With One"

by Terry Crews

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"The War Against Boys: 

How Misguided Policies 

Are Harming 

Our Young Men"

by Christina Hoff Sommers

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"Cry Like A Man: 

Fighting For Freedom From Emotional Incarceration"

by Jason Wilson

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"Killing Lions: A Guide Through The Trials 

Young Men Face"

by Sam And John Eldredge

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"The Way Of The Wild Heart: 

A Map For The 

Masculine Journey"

by John Eldredge

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"Boundaries with Teens"

by Cloud 

and Townsend

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"Boundaries With Kids"

by Cloud 

and Townsend

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"Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children"

by Allison Bottke

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"The Highly 

Sensitive Child" 

by Elaine Aarons

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Intelligences Theory"

by Howard Gardner

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"The 5 Love Languages

 Of Children: 

Loving Children Effectively" 

by Gary Chapman

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"The Smart Dad's Guide To Daughters: 101 Real-World Tips To Improve Your Relationship―

And Save Your Sanity"

By Jess MacCallum 

And Dale Reeves 

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"Feeding The Mouth

 That Bites You: 

A Complete Guide To Parenting Adolescents

And Launching Them

 Into The World"

Dr. Kenneth Wilgus

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"Wilderness Survival Guide For Kids: How To Build A Fire, Perform First Aid, Build Shelter, Forage For Food, Find Water, And Everything Else You Need To Know To Survive In The Outdoors"
Rick Bayne

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"Loves God Likes Girls: 

A Memoir"

By Sally Gary 

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'The Birth Order Book:

Why You Are The

 Way You Are"

Dr. Kevin Leman

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Engaging Your Teen's World: Understanding What Today's Youth Are Thinking,

 Doing, And Watching

By David Eaton , 

Jeremiah Callihan

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"Mrs. Bells Meaning Of Life: Mrs. Bell Series Book 1"

By Dashaela Bibbs 

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"Understanding And Loving Your Child With ADHD"

By Stephen Arterburn 

And Michael Ross

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"Your Captivating Heart"

(By Stasi Eldredge)

For Girls/Women

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Ruby The Emotional Stingray: Handling Emotions For 

Kids Bedtime Story"

By Christal Majestic

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"My Emotions Journal: 

With Ruby The Stingray"

By Christal Majestic

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"Becoming Free Indeed: 

My Story Of Disentangling Faith From Fear"

Jinger Duggar Vuolo

By Christal Majestic

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