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The Dangers Of A Celebrity Priesthood

Now a man named Simon had been practicing magic in the 

City and astonishing the people of Samaria, saying he was Someone great. They all were paying special attention to him, Saying, “This man is the power of 

God that is called ‘Great.’”  

And they kept paying attention to him, because for a long 

Time he had astonished them with his magical arts. 

Acts Chapter 8 Verse 9

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Weaponized Torah

A Message For Torah Keepers

By Pastor Jonathan Brown

(Kehillat Yeshua Messianic Ministry)

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Resources For Further Study

The Fruit Of Wolves (119 Ministry)

"Hidden History Of The 

Charismatic Generals" Justin Peters Ministries

"Leaving The Cult Of Bill Gotthard"  Relatable Podcast

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill (Podcast Series)

I Am Jack's Raging Bile Duct

The Rise And Fall Of Mar's Hill

Christianity Today Podcast

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill

The Bobby Knight Problem

Christianity Today Podcast

Trauma And Dogmatism (The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill)

Interview With Dan Allender By Christianity Today

Lessons From Sampson And Ravi 

(Gifts Without Godly Character) 

Inspiring Philosophy

"Leaving The Cult Of Bill Gotthard"  Relatable Podcast

When Leaders Have Two Spirits?

When Leaders Are Led By 2 Spirits

Derek Prince

"Are False Spirits Invading The Church?"

Andrew Strom

What If They Have Supernatural Knowledge?​

False Words Of Knowledge

The Deuteronomy 13 Test

Celebrity Christians

When Celebrity Christians Disappoint Us

When The Church Leans On Celebrities

When Your Life Boat Ministry Sinks

Lessons From The Carl Lentz Celebrity Scandal

Thoughts On The Ravi Zacharias Scandal

A Charismatic Examines The NAR Biblically

Examining The NAR And Word Of Faith Culture

Leaving Elevation Church

Leaving The Word Of Faith Movement

Traits Of The Nicolatians

Defecting From Bethel Part 1

Defecting From Bethel Part 2

The Beautiful Side Of Evil

When Satan Gives You Giftings 

The Beautiful Side Of Evil

Johanna Michaelson

Songs For Edification

'Only Jesus"

Casting Crowns

'He Knows My Name"
Francesca Battistelli

Written Resources

"Combating Cult Mind Control: 

The #1 Best-selling Guide To Protection, 

Rescue, And Recovery From Destructive Cults"

Dr. Steve Hassan 

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"The First Will Be Last: 

A Biblical Perspective

 On Narcissism"

DC Robertson

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"When Narcissism 

Comes To Church: 

Healing Your Community From Emotional And 

Spiritual Abuse"

Chuck DeGroat

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"Narcissism In The Church: 

A Heart Of Stone In 

Christian Relationships"

David Orrison

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"Playing With Holy Fire: 

A Wake-Up Call 

To The Pentecostal-Charismatic Church"

Dr. Michael Brown

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Are False Spirits

 Invading The Church?"

Andrew Strom

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"God, Greed, And The (Prosperity) Gospel: 

How Truth Overwhelms

 A Life Built On Lies"

By Costi Hinn

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"The Dynamics Of 

Church Finance"

James D. Berkley

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For Leaders"

Dr. Henry Cloud

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"Facing Messy Stuff 

In The Church:

Case Studies For Pastors 

And Congregations"

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"Unmasking The 

Jezebel Spirit" 

By John Paul Jackson

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"The Wisdom of Tenderness: What Happens 

When God's Fierce Mercy Transforms Our Lives"

Brennan Manning

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"Torah Govt. 

In Renewed 

Covenant Times"

By Norman Willis 

Nazarene Israel

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