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Healing For Post Abortion Stress Syndrome 

So now says Adonai, who formed 

Me from the womb to be His servant, to bring

 Jacob back to Him, to gather

 Israel back to Him. For I am honored in the eyes of 

Adonai and 

My God has become my strength.

Isaiah The Prophet Chapter 49 Verse 5

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Trauma Specialist Keely Daniels

(Dream Helper Network)

Reach Out For Help!


Grief Share Groups

Find Support

"The Only Scars In Heaven" By Casting Crowns

"Abortion Changes You"

Resource Website 

Get Help Here

"Psychology Today: Post Abortion Syndrome"

Read Here

"Heart Beat International"
Post Abortion Ministry

Get Ministry Here

"The Chosen"

'Yeshua And The Woman At The Well"

'Yeshua And Mary From Magdala" 

Post-Abortion Stress Disorder

'The Dark Secret: Life After Abortion"

100 Huntley Street 

"Forgiveness After Asking A Girlfriend To Have An Abortion" Testimony

Babies In The Kingdom 

"The Mystery Of Infants In Paradise"

With Perry Stone 

"Infants In Heaven" 

With Perry Stone

Unseen Consequences

"Fathers Break Their Silence"

Save The Storks 

"Abortion Survivors Tell Their Stories"

Focus On The Family

"Save The Storks" Ways To Save Lives

Songs For Healing

"Amazing Grace" Chris Thomlin Version

"Jeremy Camp" You Love Me Anyway 

Songs For Healing

"Someone Worth Dying For" Mike's Chair

"Lord I'm Ready Now" Plumb

The Changing Face of Activism  

"The Millenial Face Of The Pro-Life Movement" The Lila Rose Story

'Bill Allowing Women To Sue 

Doctor After Abortion" News Clip 

Surprising Voices 

The Non-Religious Pro-Life Democrat

Former Planned Parenthood Director

Life After Abortion

Healing Resources From 

Focus On The Family

Learn More

Help Other Mothers 

"Save The Storks" Sonograms 

"Save The Storks" Documentary

Songs For Healing

"O God Forgive Us" By King And Country

"Lover' By Derek Webb

Films For Healing

"Priceless" Trailer 

"Unplanned' Trailer 

Written Resources

"Wounded Heart: 

Hope For Adult Victims Of Childhood 

Sexual Abuse"

By Dan Allender

Order Resource 

"Opening The Gates

Of Heaven" 

By Perry Stone 

Order Resource 

"The Walls Are Talking:
Former Abortion Workers Tell

 Their Stories"

By Abby Johnson

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