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Speaking The Burden On The Creator's Heart

Then the prophet Jeremiah spoke to the prophet 

Hananiah in 

The presence of the kohanim and in the presence of 

All the people that stood in Adonai’s House. 

So the prophet Jeremiah said: “Amen! May Adonai do so! May Adonai fulfill your words 

that you have prophesied, bringing 

Back the vessels of Adonai’s House and all those who are 

Taken away captive, from Babylon to this place! 

Yet hear now 

This word that I am speaking in your ears 

And in the ears of all the people. 

The prophets who have been before me and before you of Ancient times prophesied against 

many countries and against 

Great kingdoms—of war, catastrophe and plague. 

The prophet Who prophesies shalom—

When the word of the prophet has 

Come To pass, then will the prophet be known as one that 

Adonai has truly sent.”

Jeremiah The Prophet Chapter 28 Verse 10

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

"Dream Journal"

By Brian Asriel Newman And Melissa Collins

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Brian Newman

Calling Coach

Dream Interpreter

Ministry Support Specialist

(Dream Helper Network Founder)

More About Brian


The Bible Project (Jonah)

Discerning Between God's Voice And Your Thoughts (David Diga)

The Social Media Disaster: 

Are You Called To Speak Publicly Right Now?

Where Do You Fit In Service The Kingdom?

"Where Do You Fit?"
Daniel Kolenda

'The Genius Of The 5 Fold Ministry"

Daniel Kolenda

Spotting Spiritual Abuse In Leadership (Remnant Radio)

The Process Of Walking Out Your Prophetic Calling (Kris Volloton)

5 Fold Live Interview (Prophetic Gifting)

"Is Hearing God Outside Of Scripture, Dangerous?"

Belief Net

Read Article

Spotting Spiritual Abuse In Leadership (Remnant Radio)

"The Danger Of Idolizing The Supernatural" Melissa Doughtery

Spirit And Truth: Hearing Yahweh's Voice (Nazarene Israel)

"Hearing The Voice Of God" With John Paul Jackson

The Revelatory Gifting 

"The Gift Of Revelation"

John Paul Jackson

"Prophets Vs. Psychics"

 John Paul Jackson

The Prophetic Gifting 

'Practical Prophetic" John Thomas 

"Prophet Vs. Prophetic" Jessi Liv

Owls And Eagles

"Owls: Prophets Who See In The Dark"

"The Way Of The Eagle"

The Two Types Of False Prophets (Unlearn)

Prophetic Trainers

John Paul Jackson

John E. Thomas 

"PitFalls In The Prophetic" John Paul Jackson

Pitfalls In The Prophetic

Pay Attention To The Fruit

John E. Thomas

Burden Bearing Or Soul Reading

John E. Thomas

The Need For Accountability In The Prophetic (Patricia King)

Prophetic Trainers

Lana Vawser

Jim Goll

Streams Ministries 

(Training For The Prophetic. Dreams And Visions. Hearing the Voice of God)

Streams Ministries Courses


(Film About The Role Of Dreams And Prophets In The Church)

When Prophets Work For Themselves Or For The Darkness

When Prophets Work For Themselves

When Prophets Work For the Darkness

"Remnant Fire Arising" is a Facebook Group for those with a Revelatory Gifting.

Remnant Fire Arising

Shiloh Company Mentorship Program For Prophetic Individuals

International School 

Of The Word

Streams Ministries E-Courses on Hearing God, Dream Interpretation, Visions and the Prophetic.

Streams Ministries Courses

Songs For The Journey

'Samuel's Awakening" Jason Upton

"I'm Listening" Chris McClarney

Written Resources

"Torah Govt." 

Norman Willis

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"Facing Messy Stuff 

In The Church" 

Kenneth Swetland

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"Letters To The Church"

Francis Chan

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"Know Your Ministry:
Spiritual Gifts For 

Every Believer"

Marilyn Hickey, 

Sarah Bowling

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For Leaders"

Dr. Henry Cloud

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"Reigniting Spirit And Truth:

The Call Of The Bridegroom"

PD Van Der Westhuizen

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"The Art Of Hearing God" 

By John Paul Jackson

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"The Prophet: 

Creating A Lifegiving 

Prophetic Culture" 

By Jim Goll

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"Prophets, Pitfalls 

& Principles: 

God's Prophetic 

People Today" 

By Bill Harmon

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