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The Shalom To Your Heart Project

Married And Married To Ministry

If he takes another wife, he is not to diminish her food, 

Her clothing, or her marriage rights.

The Exodus Chapter 21 Verse 10

"12 Tribes T-Shirts"

Show Pride In Your Tribe

Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship

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About The

 Pro-Nomian Movement

Books Worth Reading

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Focus On The Family

Counseling Referrals And Resources

Get Help and Resources

Resource For Ministry Wives

Ministry Wives Article

Understanding The Hebrew Courtship 

And Engagement

Learn More

'Relationship Struggles In Christian Culture" Plumb

"Anger  Management For Parents" Live On Purpose TV

Billy Graham's Daughter And Grandson Share Struggles 

Billy Graham's Prodigal Grandson On

Walking Away And On Coming Home

Billy Graham's Daughter On

 Forgiving A Busy Dad

Ministry-Missions, Danger And Family (Sam Childers Documentary)

How We Love While Dealing With Shame

How We Love 

(Fear Vs Shame Based Attachments)

The Yerkovich Family

How To Love And Be Loved

Dr. Townsend

Deeper Issues


With John Paul Jackson

"Keys To Receiving God's Justice"

By John Paul Jackson

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Part 1: Shaunti Felhahn (Men)

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Part 2: Shaunti Feldhahn (Women)

Real Marriage In Real Ministries

"Fight Like A Girl" With Lisa Bevere

"Love And War" John Eldredge

Love And War Marriage Tour (John And Stasi Eldredge)

Love And War Part 1

Love And War Part 2

Love And War Tour

Part 3

Part 4

Love And War Tour 

Part 5

Part 6

Separation And Ministry

"Plumb" Talks About Her Separation

How God Saved A Military Marriage

Betrayal In Ministry

John Bevere's Pornography Testimony 

Minister Recovers From Wife's Affair 

Domestic Violence And The Church

Domestic Violence From The Pulpit

How Ministers Can Help

Grieving In Ministry

Pastor Jarrid Wilson's Pastor

 Speaks About Jarrid's Death

Pastor Rick Warren On Losing His Son

Ministers Cope With Loss Too

Rabbi Harold Kushner

Reflects On Losing His Son

Tony Evans' Moving Memorial 

Tribute To His Wife

Toby Mac And Rick Warren On Suffering Loss In Ministry

"21 Years' by Toby Mac

About His Son's Death

Rick Warren Returns To Pulpit 

After Son's Death

"Hidden In Plain Sight" (With Stasi Eldredge)

Songs For The Journey

"Ships In The Night" 

 Mat Kearney

"Broken Together"

Casting Crowns

Films To Watch With Your Spouse

'All Saints" (Trailer)

"War Room" (Trailer)

Written Resources

"Hidden In Plain Sight:

One Woman's Search

 For Identity,

 Intimacy And Calling"

Becky Allender

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"Forgiving My Father 

Forgiving Myself"

Ruth Graham

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"In Every Pew Sits 

Broken Heart"

Ruth Graham

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"When Bad Things 

Happen To

 Good People" 


Harold Kushner

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"Love and War:

 Find Your Way To 

Something Beautiful

 In Your Marriage"

John And 

Stasi Eldredge

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"Facing Messy Stuff

 In The Church: 

Case Studies For Pastors 

And Congregations"

Kenneth L. Swetland 

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"Love & Respect: 

The Love She Most Desires; 

The Respect He 

Desperately Needs"

Emerson Eggerichs

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"The Wisdom Of Tenderness"

Brennan Mannin

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"Eight Twenty Eight: 

When Love 

Doesn't Give Up" 

(Marriage and Disability/Illness)

Larissa And Ian Murphy

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"His Needs/Her Needs: 

How To Affair Proof 

Your Marriage" 

William Harley

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"The Power Of A

Praying Wife"

Stormy Omartian

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"Created To Be 

His Helpmeet"

Debbi Pearl

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"For Men Only: 

What You Need To Know About The Inner 

Lives Of Women"

Jeff Feldhahn

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"For Women Only: 

What You Need To Know About The Inner 

Lives Of Men"

Shanti Feldhahn

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"The Proper Care And Feeding Of Marriage"

Laura Schlessinger

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