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The Blessing Of Sabbath (Sacred Appointed Rest)

Also the foreigners who join themselves to Adonai, 

To minister to Him,

And to love the Name of Adonai,

And to be His servants—

All who keep from profaning Shabbat,

And hold fast to My covenant—

These I will bring to My holy mountain,

And let them rejoice in My House of Prayer.

Their burnt offerings and sacrifices

Will be acceptable on My altar.

For My House will be called

A House of Prayer for all nations.”

Adonai Elohim,

Who gathers the dispersed of Israel, declares,

“I will gather still others to him,

To those already gathered.”

Isaiah The Prophet Chapter 56 Verse 6

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16 

Books And Articles

The Sabbath (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Find A Local Individual Or Congregation

 To Celebrate The Sabbath With

Find Fellowship


Saturday Church Community

(A Safe And Sane Online Community 

For Those

Exploring The Sabbath And Feasts)

Apply For The Network

Places To Heal

Healing Room Model And Celebrate Recovery Model

Healing Rooms

Healing Rooms are locations across the Country where you can book an appointment to be prayed over for Physical and Emotional Healing and to break Generational Curses individually. Healing Rooms often meet in local Congregations 

(Find a Healing Room HERE).

Celebrate Recovery 

Celebrate Recovery is a Faith Based 12 Step that meets in locations across the Country. Unlike most 12 Steps they cover far more than Chemical Addictions. Celebrate Recovery supports those going through any kind of hurt, hang up or struggle from Co-Dependency to Anorexia to Divorce to Alcoholism. Celebrate Recovery meetings usually take place on a weeknight in a local House of Worship and have a meal followed by a short service to make announcements and hand out Step Chips. They then divide into small groups based on Gender and also recovery group (Addiction Issues or Emotional Issues). Then regroup for dessert and for fellowship. Child Care is most often provided and the meal is low cost. 

(Find a Healing Room HERE.)


Learn More About



Kehillat Yeshua 


Learn More 

About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

'You Need Rest" By Levi Lusko

Basics Of The Sabbath

Basics Of The Sabbath Day

Being A Berean About The Sabbath

Putting The Shalom In Your Sabbath (Peace In Your Rest)

"I'm Going To Stop Trying"

Rise On Fire

'The Utter Relief Of Holiness"

John Eldredge

Gnostic (Also Modern Evangelical) View Of Sabbath

The Sabbath Controversy

Is The Sabbat a "Demonic Doctrine"?
Amazing Facts 

Correcting The Error Of Lawlessness

David Wilber

The Meaning Of Rest

Is The Rest Now Or Later?

119 Ministries 

The Hebrew Root Of The Word Sabbath

119 Ministres

But Can We Do That On Sabbath?

No Pleasure On The Sabbath?

119 Ministries 

No Fire On The Sabbath?

119 Ministries

The Sabbath Day (119 Ministries)

The Feasts In Spirit And Truth

Torah Calendar

Nazarene Israel

"Spirit And Truth: Hearing Yahweh's Voice" Nazarene Israel

Jesus (Yeshua) And The Sabbath

The Sabbath And Yeshua

Sabbath Or Sunday?

Sabbath: Founded In Truth

What Is The Sabbath?

Church Fathers And The Sabbath?

Sabbath: Founded In Truth

The Sabbath:  A Changing Attitude

Christians And The Sabbath

Sabbath Controversies 

The Lunar Sabbath Uncovered

119 Ministries 

The Timing Of Sabbath

119 Ministries 

"The Warfare Of Rest" by Joyce Meyer

"Why Keeping A Sabbath Should 

Be Your New Year's Resolution" 

by Relevant Magazine

Read The Article Here

Songs For Shabbatin' And Shalomin'

"Great Are You Lord"

Casting Crowns

"Just Be Held"

Casting Crowns

Written Resources


The Ancient Practices"

By Christian Counselor

 Dan Allender

Order Resource 

"Reigniting & Truth: 

The Call Of The Bridegroom"

PD Van Der Westhuizen 

Order Resource 

"Get Your Life Back: 

Everyday Practices For A World Gone Mad"

By John Eldredge

Order Resource 

"The Year Of Living Biblically:

One Man's Humble Quest 

To Follow The Bible As 

Literally As Possible"

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"The Way:
Leaving Churchianity To Live Like The Savior"


Watch Documentary

"Sabbath In The Suburbs: 

A Family's Experiment 

With Holy Time"

MaryAnn McKibben-Dana

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"Celebrating Jesus In 

The Biblical Feasts"

Dr. Richard Booker 

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"A Family Guide To The 

Biblical Holidays:

 With Activities For All Ages"

By Robin Sampson

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"A Christian Guide 

To The Biblical Feasts"

By David Wilber 

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