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Two Are Far Better Than One

"Two are better than one,

Because they get a good return for their effort.

For if they fall,

The one will lift up his companion.

But oy to the one who falls

And has no one to lift him up!

Furthermore, if two lie together,

Then they will be warm.

But how can one keep warm alone?

Though a man might overpower one,

Two can stand against him."

Ecclesiastes Chapter 4 Verse 9

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16: Kingdom Seeking Singles

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Let's Talk Shalom Interview With 

Life And Relationship Coach, AnnaLisa O'Toole

Relationship Coach

Annalisa O'Toole

(The Dream Helper Network)

More About Annalisa


Focus On The Family For Singles

The Boundless Podcast

"How Love Flows In Relationships"

Facebook Group With 

Life And Relationship Coach

AnnaLisa O'Toole

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Hebrew Hearts 

Singles Group

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Singles Group

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Tselem Elohim

Singles Group

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A Yeshua Honoring Hebraic Wedding 

(With The Vander Westhuizens)

"How To Have A Hebraic Wedding 

Glorifying Yeshua" by the Vander Westhuizens

"PD And Christina Wedding:

A Picture Of Yeshua And His Bride"

Betrothal Ceremony (Olive Branch Fellowship)

Understanding The Hebrew Courtship 

And Engagement

Learn More

Finding Family And Fighting Loneliness In Singleness

Finding Family As S Single

with Focus On The Family 

Cultivating Healthy Life As A Single

with Dr. Tony Evans

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill-I Kissed Dating Goodbye 

(Christianity Today Podcast)

Apply God's Word Daily 

Practical Counsel For Singles (With Mark Ballenger)

Signs That Someone Just Isn't Right

Signs You Are Being Told To Wait

Signs That It's Right?

"5 Weird Things God Often Uses To Reveal

 The One" by Mark Ballinger

'5 Things That Will Happen To You When God Is Opening A Relationship Door"

3 Signs A Decoy Is Keeping You Single (Apply God's Word Daily)

Ways That God Usually Does NOT Reveal The One 

(Apply God's Word Daily)

3 Signs Supernatural Signs Are Deceiving You

(Apply God's Word Daily)

Singleness In Orthodox Judaism

A Jewish Guide To Love And Marriage

Love and Marriage In Orthodox Judaism

Dating After Divorce And Singleness After Divorce

"Don't Settle" 

By Kristina Kuzmic 

"Kindness And Divorce"

 By Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

"Singleness And Divorce" Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

8 Steps To Take If You Are Falling For A Non-Believer

The Three Types Of Men 

With Debbi Pearl

Preparing To Be A Helpmate

The King Husband

The Prophet And The Priest 

With Debbi Pearl 

The Prophet Husband

The Priest Husband

Warning Signs In Dating 

Signs You Are Dating A Narcissist?

with Dr. Ramani

Sociopaths And Psychopaths?

with Dr. Ramani

Dating And Narcissism

Jerk Or Narcissist?

with Dr. Ramani

How To Avoid Dating A Narcissist

with Dr. Ramani

"Dump Your Dream Girl: 

Confessions Of A Hopeless Romantic"

Read The Article Here 

Sole-Mates Vs Soul Mates 

(With Gary Thomas)

The Practical Theology Of Finding A Mate

The Myth Of Soul-Mates

With Rick Warren 

You Won't Be A Given A Mate Who Is Compatable? With Paul Washer

The Mystical Theology Of Finding A Spouse

"5 Keys To Identifying Your Soul Mate"

With Toure Roberts

Is There Such A Thing As "The One"?

With Mark Ballenger

Struggles Going From Purity To Marital Passion

Calling And Marriage

Matching Your Callings

Ronnie And Mel's Callings

"Navigating Callings Within A Marriage"

 The Gospel College

Dating When You Are A Person Of Influence

 (Toure Roberts And Sarah Jakes)

Dealing With Sexual Coercion

Learn More

Sexual Struggles In Singleness

Freedom From Pornography

With "I'll Be Honest"

Sexual Immorality 

With "I'll Be Honest"

"Pulling A Ruth"

 Moving A Relationship Towards Marriage

Listen To The Podcast By 

Songs For Encouragement 

"While I'm Waiting" 

by John Waller

"The God Who Sees" 

by Nicole C. Mullins

Written Resources



On Courtship 

From The Book Of Ruth" 

by Brian Newman

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"Boy Meets Girl:

Say Hello To Courtship"

 by Joshua Harris

Order The Book

"Courtship In Crisis:

 The Case For 

Traditional Dating" 

by Thomas Umstattd

Order The Book

"Created To Be His Helpmeet: Discover How God 

Can Make Your

 Marriage Glorious"

by Debbi Pearl 

Order Resource

"Boundaries In Dating:

 How Healthy Choices 

Grow Relationships"

by Cloud And Townsend

Order Resource 

"God Is A Matchmaker: 

7 Biblical Principles For Finding Your Mate"

by Derek And

 Ruth Prince

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"Things I Wish I'd Knew Before We Got Married'

By Gary Chapman 

Order Resource 

"Saving Your Marriage

 Before It Starts: 

7 Questions To Ask Before And After Marriage"

By Les Parrott

Order Resource 

"Eight Twenty Eight:
When Loves 

Doesn't Give Up"

 (Marriage And Disability)

By Larissa And

 Ian Murphy

Order Resource 

"From Front Porch

 To Backseat: 

Courtship In Twentieth 

Century America"

by Beth Bailey

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"300 Sandwiches: 

A Multi-Layered 

Love Story"

by Stephanie Smith

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"The One: 

How to Know And Truth God's Plan For Your

 Future Marriage" 

by Mark Ballenger

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"Lost In Translation: 

The Book Of Revelation

Through Hebrew Eyes"

(Explains The Hebrew Wedding)

By Spears, Klein And Christopher

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