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When The Priests Profane The Word

The word of Adonai came to me saying: 

Son of man, say to Her: ‘

You are a land that is not cleansed or rained upon in 

The day of Indignation.’ 

There is a conspiracy of her prophets

 In her midst, like a roaring lion tearing prey. 

They have devoured lives, they take wealth and valuables, 

They Multiply widows in her midst.  Her kohanim have done Violence To My Torah and have profaned My holy things; they Have made 

No distinction between the holy and the profane,

 Nor have they taught the difference between 

The unclean and the clean. 

They shut their eyes to My Shabbatot. So I am profaned Among Them. Her princes in her midst are like wolves tearing At prey, Spilling blood and destroying lives for dishonest gain. Her Prophets have plastered them with whitewash, seeing 

False Visions and predicting lies to them, saying 

‘Thus says Adonai Elohim,’ when Adonai has not spoken.

The Prophet Ezekiel 

Chapter 22 

Verse 23

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Trauma Specialist Keely Daniels

(Dream Helper Network)

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"Let's Talk Shalom" Interview 

With Trauma And Transition Specialist Keely Daniels

Resources For Further Discernment

Focus On The Family

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Churches Care Training

(Helping Churches Become 

A Safe Place For The Abused)

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Dr. Sayra Green

Doctorate In 

Christian Counseling

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Relationship Coach

 AnnaLisa O'Toole

Christian Life Coach

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Kia Hiepler

Trauma Recovery Coaching

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Safe Guards From Abuse For Churches And Ministries

The Fruit Of Wolves (119 Ministry)

Trauma And Dogmatism (The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill)

Interview With Dan Allender By Christianity Today

Lessons From Sampson And Ravi 

(Gifts Without Godly Character) 

Inspiring Philosophy

"Leaving The Cult Of Bill Gotthard"  Relatable Podcast

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill (Podcast Series)

I Am Jack's Raging Bile Duct

The Rise And Fall Of Mar's Hill

Christianity Today Podcast

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill

The Bobby Knight Problem

Christianity Today Podcast

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill (Church Hurt)

Hurt In The Church

What We Do To Women

"Everything Is Still Falling Apart (Why Churches Allow Themselves To Fail)

 Christianity Today Podcast About The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill

When To Leave Your Church? 

(Charismatic Perspective From Remnant Radio)

Deliverance History, Controversies, Abuses And Relationships

"Demon Trials: 

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill"

Christianity Today Podcast

"Come Out In Jesus Name" Trailer

Greg Locke Media

How We Love While Dealing With Shame

How We Love 

(Fear Vs Shame Based Attachments)

The Yerkovich Family

How To Love And Be Loved

Dr. Townsend

When To Leave A Church?

"When To Leave A Church?" 

With Voddie Baucham 

Addressing False Teachings With Your Pastor

Strange Fire Panel

Preventing And Processing Ravi Zacharias Scandals

Acts 17 Apologetics

Preventing Another Ravi Zacharias Scandal

Alyssa Childers

"When Your Lifeboat Springs A Leak"

Processing When Christian Leaders Fall

Escaping A Toxic Church: With Phillip Yancey

Cultish With Apologia Studios

Cultish: Navigating The World Of New Age

Apologia Studios

Cultish: What Is Christian Science?
Apologia Studios

"The Hurt Of Healing" Justin Peters

Abuse In Healing Ministries

When Healing Ministries Hurt People

Paying For A Healing?

Financial Abuse

Robbing The Desperate

Robbing Widows

The Benny Hinn And Mike Murdock Story

Trey Smith: Thieves

Trey Smith: The Benny Hinn Story

Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse At Church

Sexual Abuse In The Church (Protestant)

Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Scandals

Hundreds Of Baptist Pastors In Scandal

Sexual Abuse In The Church (Catholic)

UnHoly Priets: Documentary

A Church In Crisis: Documentary

Understanding God's Heart For The Abused: Sandals Church

Defining Deception

Defining Deception

Interview With Costi Hinn

Puppet Masters And Word Of Faith

Justin Peters

False Converts And The Pulpit

When False Converts Become Pastors?

Falling Away Without Remedy?

The Power And Necessity Of Story ("Hope For My Life")

Ministry That Heals Wounded Hearts

Dan Allender

Keys To Healing The Masculine Soul

Dan Allender

Simon Magus: The Root Of The Root Of Bitterness

Written Resources

"Playing God:
Redeeming The Gift Of Power"
Andy Couch

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"Combating Cult Mind Control: 

The #1 Best-selling Guide To Protection, 

Rescue, And Recovery From Destructive Cults"

Dr. Steven Hassan 

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"The First Will Be Last: 

A Biblical Perspective 

On Narcissism"

DC Robertson

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"When Narcissism 

Comes To Church: 

Healing Your Community From Emotional And

 Spiritual Abuse"

Chuck DeGroat

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"Narcissism In The Church: 

A Heart Of Stone In Christian Relationships"

David Orrison

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One Dirty TV Pastor And The Man Who Robbed Him

Trey Smith

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 Dark History: 

The Popes: 

Vice, Murder, And Corruption In The Vatican"

Brenda Ralph Lewis

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"Fox's Book Of Martyrs"

John Foxe

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"Beauty For Ashes:

 Receiving Emotional Healing"

 By Joyce Meyer 

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Daring To Do What God Called You To Do"

By Christine Cain

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An Open Door 

For Satan"

By Paul Fernandez

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My Roadmap: 

A Personal Guide To Balance, Power, And Purpose 

By The 

Authors Of 

My Orange Duffel Bag"

By Sam Bracken And 

Echo Garrett

Order Resource 

"The Wounded Heart: 

Hope For Adult Victims 

Of Childhood 

Sexual Abuse"

By Dan Allender

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"Step Out, Step Up:
Lessons From A Lifetime 

Of Transitions And 

Military Service:

Lt. Col Mark Green 

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"Playing With Holy Fire: 

A Wake-Up Call 

To The 

Pentecostal-Charismatic Church"

Dr. Michael Brown

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Are False Spirits

 Invading The Church?"

Andrew Strom

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"God, Greed, And The (Prosperity) Gospel: 

How Truth Overwhelms A Life Built On Lies"

Costi Hinn

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Ruby The Emotional Stingray: Handling Emotions For 

Kids Bedtime Story"

By Christal Majestic

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"My Emotions Journal: 

With Ruby The Stingray"

By Christal Majestic

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"Becoming Free Indeed: 

My Story Of Disentangling Faith From Fear"

By Jinger Duggar Vuolo

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