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The Voice In The Calm 

Then He said, “Come out and stand on the mount Before Adonai.”Behold, Adonai was passing by—a great And mighty Wind was tearing at the mountains and Shattering cliffs Before Adonai. 

But Adonai was not in the wind. After the Wind there Was an earthquake, but 

Adonai was not in the Earthquake. 

 After the earthquake a fire, but Adonai was not In the Fire. After the fire there was a soft whisper of a voice. As soon as Elijah heard it, 

He wrapped his face in his mantle, went out and

Stood at the Entrance of the cave.

1st Book Of The Kings Chapter 19 Verse 11

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Natalie Grant Testimony (CBN)

The Utter Relief Of Holiness And Stopping Trying

"'I'm Going To Stop Trying, What About You?"

Pd Van Der Westhuizen

"The Utter Relief Of Holiness"

John Eldredge

Living An Authentic Life With God

"Authentic Living"

John Eldredge

"Finding Life With God" Part 14

John Eldredge And Sons

New Ways To Experience God (John Eldredge)

Part 1: New Ways To Experience God

Part 2: New Ways To Experience God

"More Of God" (by John Eldredge)

When God Speaks Without Words (Streams Ministries)

"Pay Attention" 

By Recie Saunders

"How Does One Know If A Dream Is From God?" John E. Thomas

Walking With God

"Listening To God"

Rabbi Kirt Schneider 

"Walking With The Holy Spirit"

Charles Stanley

Time With God (Todd White Interview)

Fasting And Hungering For God 

"Fasting Is Hungering For God"

Jentzen Franklin

"Fasting For The Kingdom"

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

Learn How To Recognize God's Voice (By Rick Warren)

Hearing The Word

The Book Of Genesis 

Read By Alexander Scoby

The Book Of John 

Read By Alexander Scoby

Torah Portions Bible Study Plan

First-Fruits Of Zion

Read And Listen Here

Written Resources

"Walking With God: 

How To Hear

 From Him, Really"

By John Eldredge

Order Resource 

"Journey Of Desire: 

The Journey We All Must Take To Find

 The Life God Offers"

By John Eldredge

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'The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer To The Heart Of God"

By Brent Curtis

 And John Eldredge 

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"Fasting: Opening The Door To A deeper, More Intimate, More Powerful Relationship With God"

By Jentezen Franklin

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"Rivers of Revelation: 

Daily Moments To 

Sustain Your Faith"

By Rabbi Kirt Schneider

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"Every Day In 

His Presence"

By Dr. Charles Stanley

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"Fasting Journal:

 Your Personal 21-Day Guide To A Successful Fast"

By Jentzen Franklin

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"Moments With God 

Dream Journal"

By John Paul Jackson

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"Audio Poetry: 


 And Prayers For 

Weary Hearts"

By Brian Newman

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Songs For Encouragement

"Word Of God Speak"

Mercy Me

'Run To The Father" 

Cody Carnes