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Disaster And The Last Days

Yeshua answered them, “Be careful that no one leads you Astray! For many will come in My name, saying,

 ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will lead many astray. 

You will hear Of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, For this must happen but it is not yet the end. 

For nation will Rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And There will be famines and 

Earthquakes in various places. 

But all these things are only the beginning of birth pains.

Matthew Chapter 24 Verse 4

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Spiritually Preparing For The Coming Perfect Storm 

"The Coming Perfect Storm" DVD

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Surviving A Depression

"Survival Lessons From 

The Great Depression"

'Teen Millionaires: The Teens Running Successful Businesses Who Say You Can Too" Sunday Night Stories 

Urban Survival

Urban Survival With Rudy Reyes U.S.M.C.

Urban Survival With Bear Grylls S.A.S

Krav Maga-Simple Self Defense 

"Beginner Krav Maga"

"Krav Maga Girl"

Wilderness Survival 

Stranded In Winter

Les Stroud

Surviving The Desert

Tom McElroy

Dual Survival And Dooms Day Preppers

"Dual Survival" Series

"Dooms Day Preppers" Series 

"La Pura Vida" 

Costa Rica Homestead And Mission

Learn More

"21 Forever Foods" By Prep Steaders

"What To Do When The Water Runs Out"

by Prep Steaders

"What To Do When The Toilette Paper Runs Out" by Prep Steaders

Homesteading And Self-Sufficiency

"Fast Growing Vegetables You Can Grow At Home" with "Self Sufficient Me"

"An American Homestead"

Episode 1 (with Zach Bauer)

Patriot Nurse

Staying Healthy During the Corona Virus

Treating Parasites in a Grid Down

Affordable Medical Supplies

Vehicle Trauma Bag

Dollar Tree Medical Supplies

Emergency Medication

Grid Down Blood Pressure Help

Natural Pain-Killers

Anti-Biotics And Emergencies

Are Fish Anti-Biotics Safe for Humans?

5 Emergency Anti-Biotics?

Family In Grid-Down

Sex in a Grid Down Situation

How To Survive Widowhood

Handling Anxiety

"God Will Always Provide"

With Recie Saunders

"Dream Of Someone Dying"

With Recie Saunders

America's Future?

Prophetic Headlines

The Coming Perfect Storm 


"How much better to get wisdom than gold, 

To choose understanding rather than silver."

Proverbs 16:16

Order A Sword

Films For Review

"The Road" Trailer

(Adult Content)

"The Book of Eli" Trailer

(Adult Content)

Swedish Government Training Citizens To Be Preppers

"The Forager's Guide"

Learn More

Berkey Water Filters

Find Company

N95 Masks

Find Company

Storage Food

Find Company

Emergency Radios

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Camping Gear

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Medical Supplies

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"Bush Craft 
First Aid"

By Dave Canterbury

Order Resource

"How To Eat 

In The Woods'

By Bradford Angier

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"U.S. Army

First Aide Manual"

By U.S. Army 

Order Resource 

"The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Manual"
By Outdoor Life

Order Resource

"When The Grid Goes Down, Disaster Preparations 

And Survival Gear 

For Making Your

 Home Self-Reliant"

By Tony Nester

Order Resource

Self Sufficiency

On 1/4 Acre"

By Brett Markham

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"Rules Of Survival: 

A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller: 

Survival Rules Series"

By Jack Hunt

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"One Second After"

By William Forstchen

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"The Complete Guide To Crisis & Trauma Counseling: What To Do And Say When It Matters Most!"

By Dr. H. Norman Wright

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"The Forager’s Guide 

To Wild Foods"

By Claude Davis

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"After The Coming"

A Post-Rapture Survival Story

By R. Durham

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"Wilderness Survival Guide For Kids: How To Build A Fire, Perform First Aid, Build Shelter, Forage For Food, Find Water, And Everything Else You Need To Know To Survive In The Outdoors"
Rick Bayne

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Songs For Encouragement

"Even If" 

By Mercy Me

'God Of All My Days" 

By Casting Crowns