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Psalm 16's 

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Psalm 16 Ministry

The Creator Of The Heavens And The Earth

Have you not known? Have you not heard? Adonai is The Eternal God, the Creator of the ends of the Earth. 

He Does not grow tired or weary. 

His understanding is Unsearchable.

The Prophet Isaiah Chapter 40 Verse 28

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The 'Shalom To Your Heart" Project

Welcome to the "Shalom To Your Heart Project!

This virtual library is a collection of resources gathered by Brian "Asriel" Newman of Psalm 16 Ministry.

This virtual library is a way to point the learner to source materials for concepts, ideas and information about spiritual questions, personal growth and mental health topics that Brian has shared through the years. It is also a way to give credit to the original author of the concepts you may hear or the original musician is referencing songs. 

If you find the videos or articles helpful then consider ordering a book by the presenter or subscribing to their channel. All of which are linked at the page bottoms.

Check out Brian's weekly TV Show at "Let's Talk Shalom!"


Psalm 16 Ministry

Brian Newman

PO Box 671 Ooltewah, TN 37363

[email protected] 


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The Divine Council Part 1-Intro (NRF)

The Divine Council-Intro

The Divine Council Intro- Q And A

The Divine Council Part 2-The Image Of God (NRF)

The Divine Council Part 2-The Image Of God

The Divine Council-Q And A

The Divine Council Part 3- Rebellion (NRF)

The Divine Council Part 3-Rebellion

The Divine Council Part 3- Q And A

The Divine Council Part 4-Sacred Space (NRF)

The Divine Council Part 4-Sacred Space

The Divine Council-Q And A

The Divine Council Part 5-War And Conquest (NRF)

The Divine Council -War And Conquest

The Divine Council Part 5-Q And A

The Divine Council Part 6-The Son Of David (NRF)

The Divine Council Part 6

The Divine Council Part 6- Q And A


The Creator 

"God" (The Bible Project)

"Elohim" The Bible Project

The Character Of God (Bible Project)

Character Of God (The Bible Project)



"I Am Who I Am" Parts 1 And 2 (Tim Mackie)

'Communion Of Love"

'Yahweh Is Our God"

"I Am Who I Am" Parts 3 And 4 (Tim Mackie)

"Yahweh Our Gracious Judge"

"Jesus' Family Story"

"I Am Who I Am" Parts 5 And 6 (Tim Mackie)

"Who Can Forgive Sins"

"Christ Is Our Victor"

"I Am Who I Am" Parts 7 And 8 (Tim Mackie)

"Spirit As Life Giver"

"The Spirit And The Fruit"

"I Am Who I Am" Parts 9 And 10 (Tim Mackie)

"The Spirit, Suffering And Prayer"

"The Spirit As A Voice Of Love"

"I Am Who I Am" Parts 11 And 12 (Tim Mackie)

"The Spirit And The Temple"

"Born Of The Spirit"

The Extra-Terrestrial Message? (Dr. Chuck Missler)

"Knowing God: An Extraterrestial Message" 

Dr. Chuck Missler

"The Unseen World"

Dr. Chuck Missler

Beyond Coincidence (Dr. Chuck Missler)

"Beyond Coincidence" Part 1

Dr. Chuck Missler

"Beyond Coincidence" Part 2

Dr. Chuck Missler

Young Earth And Old Earth Theology

Young Earth Creationism Theory

Old Earth Creationism Theory 

God And Suffering (Two Rabbis' Views)

"When Bad Things Happen

 To Good People"
Rabbi Harold Kushner

"Why Do God's People Suffer?"

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

"The Riot And The Dance" Films

"Earth" Part 1 Trailer 

"Water" Part 2 Trailer 

Songs For Encouragement

"So Will I"

Hill Song United

'Great Are You Lord"

All Sons And Daughters

Songs For Encouragement

"God Of All My Days"

Casting Crowns

"King Of The World"

Natalie Grant

Written Resources For Further Study

"Beyond The Cosmos: 

 The Trans-Dimensionality  

Of God"

By Dr. Hugh Ross

Order Resource 

"Walking With God:

Talk To Him. 

Hear From 

Him. Really. "

By John Eldredge 

Order Resource 

'The Grand Weaver: 

How God Shapes 

Us Through 

The Events In Our Lives"

By Ravi Zacharias

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