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You've Been Redeemed

You in Your loving kindness led the people 

You have redeemed. 

You guided them in 

Your strength to 

Your holy habitation.

The Exodus Chapter 15 Verse 13

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Angelea Kae 
Life-Identity Coach

Trafficking Survivor

Reach Out!

Trauma Specialist Keely Daniels

(Dream Helper Network)

Reach Out For Help!

Dr. Sayra Green

Doctorate In 

Christian Counseling

Contact Dr. Sayra

Relationship Coach

 AnnaLisa O'Toole

Christian Life Coach

Contact AnnaLisa

Kia Hiepler

Trauma Recovery Coaching

Contact Kia

Resources For Healing And Education

"Let's Talk Shalom" Interview with Trafficking Survivor Angelea Castro

"I Will Rescue You" Lauren Daigle

Truckers Against Trafficking

Connect and Serve

Become An Abolitionist (Ashton Kutcher And Laila Mickelwait)

Ashton Kutcher

Speech On Human Trafficking

Laila Mickelwait

"1 Million Signatures 

To Shut Down Porn Hub"

Exodus Cry (Benjamin Nolot And Laila Mickelwait)

Benjamin Nolot

Speaking To The United Nations

Exodus Cry

Stories Of Intervention

New Reality International (Laila Mickelwait)

Ending Child Slavery In Haiti

Project 7

Answer International (Troy Brewer)

Ending Trafficking In Nepal

Simple Solutions To 

Complicated Problems

Hope For Justice (Natalie Grant)

Founder's Interview 

What Is "Hope For Justice?"

Shutting Down Traffickers

Pornhub Exposed As Trafficking Center

Shut Down Pornhub Petition Update

"You Say" By Lauren Daigle

Organizations For Abolitionists

Exodus Cry

Learn More

Answer International

Learn More

Hope For Justice

Learn More

Warrior Bride Ministries

Counseling, Support And Deliverance Ministry 

For Trafficking And Ritual Abuse Survivors

Learn More

Places To Find Healing

"The Hope Line"

Hope Coaching

Reach Out

"The Allender Center"

Counseling Referrals 

Reach Out

"Celebrate Recovery"

Local Support

Reach Out

In-Person Faith Based Support

Celebrate Recovery Groups

The Healing Rooms

Hope For My Life (Christian Sexual Trauma Counseling)

What Is Shame? Dan Allender

How To Listen To Story-Dan Allender

Hope For My Life (Christian Sexual Trauma Counseling)

Ministry That Heals Wounded Hearts-

Dan Allender

How Does God Want To Use My Story?

Dan Allender

Limitless Ministry (Ashley Trevino-Former Sex Worker)

Ashley Trevino Interview

Ashley Trevino: Walking Free

"Redeemed" Big Daddy Weave

Songs For Encouragement

"I Won't Let You Go" Switch Foot/Lauren Daigle

"King Of The World" Natalie Grant 


"Priceless" Film Trailer

"Priceless' Song (For King And Country)

"Sound Of Freedom" Film

Songs For The Journey Home

'Home" Tedashii

"Testify" Social Club Misfits And Crowder

Songs For Encouragement

"Fear Is A Liar" Zac Williams

"No Longer A Slave" Zac Williams

Nefarious: Merchant Of Souls (Documentary)

Petition To Take Down Porn Hub

Sign The Petition

Written Resources

"Healing the

 Wounded Heart: 

The Heartache Of Sexual Abuse And The Hope Of Transformation:"

By Dan Allender

Order Resource

"The Wounded Heart: 

Hope For Adult Victims 

Of Childhood 

Sexual Abuse"

By Dan Allender

Order Resource

"The Soul Of Shame: 

Retelling The Stories 

We Believe About Ourselves"

By Curt Thompson

Order Resource 

"Finding Your Voice:

What Every Woman Needs 

To Live Her 

God-Given Passions 

Out Loud"

By Natalie Grant

Order Resource 


Learning To

 Live In Grace'

By Michael Weaver

Order Resource 

"Paid For: 

My Journey Through Prostitution"

Rachel Moran

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