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Fruit Of Obedience And The Tree Of Life

A healing tongue is a tree of life, 

But a deceitful one crushes the spirit.

The Proverbs Of Solomon Chapter 15 Verse 4

"Psalm 16 Media"

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Resources For Further Study

The Tree Of Life (The Bible Project)

Understanding The World Before The Fall

East (Song By Sleeping At Last)

Mosley (Animated Film)

Eating From The Tree Of Life

What Is Truth?

Rise On Fire 

"I'm Going To Stop Trying"?

Rise On Fire 

Views On The Tree Of Life 

"We Must Obey God Rather Than Man"

Grace To You

"Todd White Repents For Not Preaching 

The Full Gospel" Todd White

The Two Trees In The Garden 

"Two Trees In The Garden"

Streams Ministry

"Dreams, Psychology, Philosophy

 And The Two Trees"

Streams Ministry

Torah As The Tree Of Life

Torah As The Tree Of Life?

The Jewish View

Spirit And Truth Hearing Yahweh's Voice

Nazarene Israel

Obedience And Legalism 

Should Christians Keep The Torah?

Freedom Hill Community

Can We Keep The Torah?


Songs For Encouragement

"Medication" Derek Webb

"I'm Listening"  Chris McClarney

The Book Of Truth

"The Complete

 Jewish Bible"

Learn More

'The Aramaic English 

New Testament"

Learn More

"The Tree Of Life Version"

Learn More

Written Resources

"The Bible Jesus Read"
By Phillip Yancey

Order Resource

"They Loved The Torah:
What Yeshua's First Disciples Really Thought About The Law"

By David Friedman

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"Boundary Stones:
Divine Parameters 

For Faith And Life"

Aaron Eby

Order Resource

"When Faith Works"

David Wilber

Order Resource 

"Nazarene Israel:

The Original Faith Of 

The Apostles"

Norman Willis 

Order Resource 

"Reigniting Spirit

 And Truth"

PD Van Der Westhuizen

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