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What Did The Apostle Paul Teach About The Creator's Law?

So then, the Torah is holy, and 

The Commandment 

Is Holy 

And Righteous

And Good?

The Apostle Paul To The Gentile Church 

Letter To The Romans Chapter 7 Verse 12

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Saturday Church Community

(A Safe And Sane Online Community 

For Those

Exploring The Sabbath And Feasts)

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Kehillat Yeshua 


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About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

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The Pauline Paradox Series

The Pauline Paradox: The Paul You Never Knew!

The Paul You Never Knew 

by 119 Ministries

Why Is Paul So Difficult To Understand?

by 119 Ministries

The Pauline Paradox: Which Law Paul? And Corinthians

Which Law Paul?

by 119 Ministries

Pauline Paradox: Corinthians

by 119 Ministries

The Pauline Paradox: Ephesians and Galatians

The Pauline Paradox: Ephesians

by 119 Ministries

The Pauline Paradox: Galatians

by 119 Ministries

Understanding Galatians

"What Does Galatians Teach About Torah?" 

with Freedom Hill Community

"Did Galatians Abolish the Feasts?"

by YHVH's Restoration Ministry

Understanding Romans

"Romans Study" 

with House of Israel

'The Pauline Paradox" Romans

with 119 Ministries

Can We Keep The Feasts Without A Levite Priesthood? (UnLearn)

The Sabbath Controversy

Is The Sabbat a "Demonic Doctrine"?
Amazing Facts 

Correcting The Error Of Lawlessness

David Wilber

"House of Israel" with Arthur Bailey in Charlotte, NC offers Discipleship Programs Online. 

House of Israel

"First Fruits of Zion" is a Messianic Jewish Ministry that offers a Discipleship Program called

 Torah Club.

Torah Club (FFOZ)

"Nazarene Israel" with Norman Willis offers mentorship to those serious about learning the 1st Century Faith. 

Nazarene Israel

Films On The Popular View Of Paul

"Paul The Apostle" Trailer 

"Paul, The Apostle Of Christ" Trailer

Written Resources

'Understanding Paul' 

(Galatians And The Essenes)

by James Trimm 

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"They Loved The Torah: What Yeshua's 

First Disciples 

Really Thought 

About The Law"

by David Friedman

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"Jewish New Testament Commentary' 

by David Stern

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