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A Veteran Honored In The Scriptures

But he stood his ground and struck down the Philistines until His Hand became weary and stuck to the sword. So Adonai Brought About a great victory that day, 

And the people returned 

After him only to strip the slain.

Second Book Of Samuel Chapter 23 Verse 10

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Veteran And Veteran's Family Advocate

Angelea Castro

More About Angelea

Small Business Administration

Mentorship Program For Veterans

Find A Mentor

Veteran's Crisis Line

Veteran's Crisis Line

Help During Covid-19 Crisis Through 

Veteran's Emergency Covid-19 Assistance 

Learn More

Hidden Heroes

(Support For Military/

Veteran Caregivers

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Battle Buddy Program

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Project Hero

Honor Rides

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Veteran's Last Patrol

(End Of Life Care

And Honor Rides)

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Code Of Support

(Emergency Aid For Struggling Veterans

And Their Families)

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DNA Military

With Marine Combat Veteran (Vietnam Era)

Phil Downer

(Pastoral Support

For Veterans)

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Drop 22

(Support For Veteran's In Addiction)

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Team Red White And Blue "This Is Us"

Team Red White And Blue

Sports And Activities For Veterans

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Retrieving Military Medals And Records

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A Veteran And Messianic Minister 

Writes About 

Life With Military PTSD

Read Short Biography

Military And First Responder Marriages 

A Military Marriage Saved

Focus On The Family 

Military And First 

Responder Marriages

Military Dad's Book Explaining PTSD To Kids

Military Dad Writes Book Explaining PTSD To Kids

Scars And Survivor Guilt

Green Beret On The Generosity Of Scars 

(Warning, May Be Triggering Of PTSD)

'Survivors Guilt" 

With Phil Downer 

Sam Bracken And Mark Green On Leadership 

"Lead Where You Are Planted"

With Sam Bracken

"Steps To Resilience" 

With Mark Green

Life After War

When You Aren't A Warrior Anymore?

Curses And Combat Veterans?

DNA Military With Phil Downer

Phil Downer is a former Marine who served as a Door Gunner on a Helicopter in the Vietnam War where he lost his best friend. Phil overcame Alcoholism and PTSD  to become both an Attorney and a Ministry. He is a frequent guest speaker on military installations and a Champion of Veteran's Causes. You can reach him on his website if you need someone to talk To or in need of a guest speaker with military experience for your

 Church or Installation or Event. 

Contact Phil

Combat Fatigue ("Make The Connection" Vet Series)

Understanding Combat Trauma

People With The Heart To Help

Sexual Coercion And Military Life

Learn More

Sam Bracken's Story

Cry Like A Man

Defining Masculinity And It's Power

Jason Wilson

Discipline Vs. Desire

Jason Wilson

Veteran's Organizations 

(Places To Fellowship With Other Warriors)

VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)

The American Legion 

Wounded Warrior Project

Help Veterans

Wounded Warrior Project

Paralyzed Veterans Of America

Films For Encouragement

"Hacksaw Ridge" Trailer

The Desmond Doss Story 

"Unbroken" Trailer

The Louise Zamperinni Story

Films For Understanding

"Born On The 4th Of July"


"Billy Lynn's Long Half-Time Walk"


Films For Understanding

"Act Of Valor" Trailer 

"American Sniper" Trailer

Films For Understanding

"1917" Trailer

"Saving Private Ryan" Trailer

Songs For Encouragement 

"Didn't I" By Montgomery Gentry 

"American Soldier" By Toby Keith

Songs For Encouragement

"Some Gave All" By Billy Ray Cyrus

"Rise Up" By Andra Day

Written Resources

"Cry Like A Man:
Fighting For Freedom From Emotional Incarceration"

Jason Wilson

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"The Things They Carried" 

Tim O'Brien

A Vietnam Veteran's First Hand Account Of The Effects Of War On The Heart And Mind Of A Soldier. 

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"American Sniper"

The Autobiography Of American Sniper Chris Kyle.

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"Leading With A Limp: Take Full Advantage Of Your Most Powerful Weakness"

Dan Allender

Trauma Counselor Dan Allender's Book On How Authenticity About Weaknesses Makes 

The Best Leaders.

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"Step Up Step Out"

Lt. Col. Mark Green

Lt. Colonel Mark Green share

Lessons He learned in his 

Transition from the 

Military to civilian life that can be 

Applied to everyone's life. 

He has a company called 

Silver Boots that helps Veterans.

Silver Boots and OSD


"Orange Duffel Bag" 

Sam Bracken

In this powerful book Sam Bracken Talks about overcoming horrific Childhood abuse, foster care and Hs Service in the military.  

He now has a Non-profit 

For foster and 

Homeless teenagers. 

Orange Duffel Bag Project

"Sword And Brush"

David Lowry

David Lowery shares lessons on life And valor he learned from the Martial Arts and from

 Japanese Calligraphy. 

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