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Write The Vision 

 Then Adonai answered me and said: 

“Write down the vision, make it plain on the tablets,

So that the reader may run with it.

The Prophet Habukkuk Chapter 2 Verse 2

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Writer's Resources

Spirit-Led Publishing And Writing Handbook

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Manning The Gate Publishing

Get Your Work Reviewed!

"Let's Talk Shalom" Interview with Manning The Gate Publishing

Sapphire Gate Studios

In Partnership With Christian Artists United 

-Kingdom Talent Acquisition-

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Destiny Hancock

Literary Services To Include:

Ghost Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Formatting

Reach Out To Destiny

Xulon Press

Book Printing

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Kindle Direct


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Lucid House Publishing

By Connor Garrett

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Laura McCullough

Artistic Services

(Brian's Cover Designer)

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Jennifer Taylor

Editorial Services

(Brian's Editor)

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Joshua Dunne

Graphic Design Services

(Brian's Cover Designer)

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Cover For The 

Blue Mountain Review

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Jennifer's Work 

by Brian Newman

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Joshua's Work 


 "Audio Poetry"

by Brian Newman

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David Wilber

(Pro-Nomian Publishing)

Pro-Nomian Publishing

Audrey Rucker Eaves

Editorial And Publishing

(Lamed Vav)

Lamed Vav House Publishing

Angela Sullivan 

Typing, Copying

Data Entry, Accounting, 

(Ang. Administrative)

Ang. Administrative

Hope Writers 

Writer's Development Courses And Resources

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Audrey Rucker Eaves'

"Empire Scribe"


Editorial  Services

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"American Songwriter Magazine"

Lyrics Contest

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"The Southern 

Collective Experience"


Writer's Guild

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"Bonfire Hearts"

Writer's Society

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Georgia's Poet 

Of The Year

Clifford Brooks'


Advice To Writers"

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"Hawkins Family


Contact Pastor Hawkins

Spirit Led 

Publishing Group

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About Spirit-Led Publishing

Echo Garrett

Content  Services

Contact Echo For Help With Your Writing Project

Writing For Income/Business

Write Your Way To Freedom

Sarah Turner Copy Writing Agency

Hope Writer's

Writer Testimonial

The Business Of Writing

Publishing Options

The Art Of The Book Deal

20 Literary Journals Accepting Submissions

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Magazines That Pay 

For Article Submissions

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How To Make 

Money Blogging

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Copywriting Classes 

With Certificate

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Copy Writing For Business/Advertising Class

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Songs For Encouragement

"The Flame Turns Blue"

David Gray

"Write Me A Song"

Edwin McCain